Monday, December 1, 2008

$500 Giveaway & Money Saving Holiday Tip

Do you want $500 to spend for the holidays at Wal-Mart? This contest is being hosted by Wal-Mart and Nickelodeon (the company that provides programing for children).

Part of the contest is to give money saving tips for the holidays - but each contest is a little different. (I'm posting several contests here so that you can get multiple entries and I can too... but this isn't all of the contests by far.)

My best money saving tip is: To give gifts of your time. Each year we try to have some things on our Christmas lists that don't require going out to buy a gift item - we will give gifts of our time. For instance - give someone a coupon for babysitting... for doing the dishes every night for a week... the laundry... a weekend without football. One year my husband gave me "The 12 Months of Christmas" which involved a coupon for each month of the next year giving me a gift of his time... BEST gift ever!

To Think is To Create...

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I'll be back later in the day with another post. See you then!

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  1. My best money saving tip is "don't shop" which is what I have managed to do thus far. However, with kids that really isn't an option, so I really need to be getting busy. Though I did totally chuckle at the thought of my 13 year old (who decided to trim one of the cat's whiskers today while I was at work...sigh) opening a coupon book from me instead of a video game. The image made me feel better about Grace's whiskers!


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