Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Truth Tuesday

So, I am at a loss for a real title - and once again - Music Monday hasn't happened for this week. Ya'll what can I say? I'm so overwhelmed at work and with the holidays - it's all I can do to keep myself moving. I'm getting some progress and momentum on the gift purchasing... hopefully I can place another big order in the next day or so and be close to finished with all this "fun." I really do love this season, but when you travel for the holidays - it just sneaks up on you so quickly.

I guess I'm used to being able to get a lot of internet shopping and things done at work in the past, but not this year... from the moment I get started in the mornings - it doesn't stop until I leave. Which is really better than being bored, but when there are personal things that you could be doing... as in Christmas shopping - it stinks to have your job get in the way of your real life. I'm totally kidding - because it's a blessing to just have a job... but I do wish that there were several more hours in the day!

Oh and would anyone believe that my two dogs have had some sort of stomach virus for the last two days?! As if things aren't crazy enough... not to mention how in the WORLD does a dog get an illness like that? It really could have been a LOT worse... but if anyone knows me - I worry by nature/hobby... so this has made me a wreck for two days. They seem to be on the up swing, and are playing and doing some of their normal activities - so pray that we're done with this for good!

It would really help too if I had a smidge more energy - I'm so going to beg my doctor to give me a B-12 shot or something on Thursday! Would it be wrong to sit on the floor until they give me one? I'm ready to get some energy back - because I desperately need a boost to get through the holiday season!

I'm hopeful that I can get the paperwork in order to be able to see the endocrinologist the week between Christmas and New Years if it's at all possible... I really want John to go with me to that appointment, and it would be lots easier if it could happen while he's on vacation. We'll just have to see what happens when I talk to Dr. W on Thursday.

It's so strange - because for a year and a half - this is the longest I've ever gone between doctor's appointments. I haven't seen Dr. W since I had my gallbladder out - literally - the last time I saw him was when he came in the recovery room at the hospital to check on me, and make sure that they prescribed the correct pain medication. It'll be interesting to see what he says about my weight loss... or lack there of. I haven't really lost any weight since then... so maybe for the first time, I won't be just plain crazy - there hopefully will be some sort of answer as it what could be going on in there.

I'm starting to ramble... so I'm going to go get ready for bed.


  1. My sister did a B-12 spray for your tongue...I think. I can ask her more if you are interested.

    Hang in there and try and find the joy in the season! This is the first Christmas I will not be traveling for the actual day except for the year I had Kiera. I am really enjoying the thought of staying home!!!

  2. I can't IMAGINE work without Christmas shopping and homework-doing! :)

    I say sit on the floor, cry, roll around if necessary! hehe!

  3. The whole Christmas season is gearing me up for another insanity period which is not helping me; The Brit is going to Australia for two weeks mid-January for work, which leaves me as a single parent for 14 days, which is really hard with boys. They tend to have a healthy fear of their dad and they just prefer to steamroll right over me. Ugh. I'm ready for spring.


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