Saturday, December 20, 2008


I officially shopped until I dropped tonight. We started at 6 this morning, and I officially stopped at 7 tonight. The good news is that everyone is done - except two small gift cards that will come from a place that I frequently stop at anyway. So I'll pick those up on Monday or Tuesday.

I actually crashed and burned a little bit earlier in our big comfy chair - so I'm about to be off to bed.

We didn't make it to the movie tavern tonight, but we've made plans to go another night between now and Christmas.

Tomorrow we'll be having dinner with friends early in the evening, and then my party with girlfriends has actually become a pajama party - so that'll be fun too. I don't own any pajamas fit for wearing to a party, but one of my lovely new friends from church has lost some weight too - and has three pair that don't fit her anymore. I think that they'll work for me for a while... we'll see.

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  1. I'm almost done too--picking up the LAST gift on my lunch break today!


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