Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fairly Wordless

Tonight is going to be pretty busy - so I thought that I'd share with you guys some of my favorite ornaments off of our Christmas tree.

This one was given to me in high school - it's a school house with my high school's name on it.

This one represents where John and I both went to college... there are several A&M ornaments, but this one is my favorite.

This one was purchased for my first Christmas...

I've had this one as long as I can remember as well, and really like it.

I have 4 of these little cuties on the tree.

This one was made for me by one of my friends... Hope.

This one is another I've had all my life... I think it looks a little bit like me...

This is John's snowman... doing one of John's favorite past-times.

We bought these yesterday - there are 6 of them around the tree.

Another purchase from yesterday... World Market had their ornaments for 50% off.

John's Mom gave us this one for our first Christmas after we got married. (2002)

Our final World Market purchase from yesterday.

One of my lovely new ornaments that I got as part of the Great Ornament Exchange - thanks Alex!

Alex was such a cool partner - I got two ornaments in the exchange... both are PERFECT!
Sooo... what are some of your favorites on your tree?


  1. I love your ornaments! It's hard to make a tree look all eclectic and everything before kids... they're the ones that make all the ornaments at school and everything, but you guys have a very pretty tree! Ours is all matchy-matchy store bought stuff. No cute, fun ornaments. :(

  2. Adorable! I love snowmen and I wish I had ornaments from when I was a kid the way you do!


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