Monday, December 22, 2008


It's no secret that my house is a haven for some pretty interesting characters - not only are John and I interesting in our own right. On top of that though, our dogs are at times a complete riot as well.

Our Boston Terrier, Missy, is probably the largest in the "character" area of our lives. She is a mess: she snores louder than any man I've ever known, she loves rolling on the carpet to scratch her back, she grunts a lot if she disapproves of the weather, and most of all she can make a game out of anything.

Somewhere along the way - she loves it if you swat at her with her toys - in fact, she won't go get them if you don't torment her with them first. She loves water/coke bottles in the same right - she'll work at them for hours until she can actually carry the empty bottles back to you in order to play fetch.

One of her favorite toys is a paper towel roll after all the paper towels have been used from the roll... take it off the holder and swat her with it - then she's in heaven until the roll has disintegrated all over the house. At some point in her life she's decided that wrapping paper rolls are just giant versions of her favorite toy... she'll even try to steal the roll before the wrapping paper is gone!

Well, a couple of nights ago - I had an empty "roll" sitting by the trash, and it got stolen... brought into the living room, and naturally - you can't help but play with her after she's gone to that much trouble. Here are some pictures...

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  1. She's so cute and I love her sweater! I'm the same way with my cats; I love to watch their antics when they are playing or up to something! What would we do without our pets?


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