Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 2

Merry Christmas to you all - this has been a perfectly lovely day for John and I. We had a wonderful breakfast, opened gifts, relaxed for a good part of the day... watched part of a movie (had to turn it off though), cooked a fabulous dinner, and now we're settling in to watch another movie.

A wonderful friend of mine (Jil) gave some insight into some of what has been going on between some family and myself. No one could have put into these words quite like Jil, but the idea is that as we "cut & paste" girls lose weight - it is not simply okay for us to sit back and suffer in silence anymore... and for some people that is not an easy thing to deal with. So very true - I've found myself standing up a little more than I used to for what I believe in... and for some it's not an easy pill to swallow.

For so many of us - we've spent the better part of our lives being the one to sit back and take whatever was dished our way without saying anything because we didn't feel like we deserved the opportunity to say anything about it. Or for some of us it's also the lack of desire to make waves... boy does that sum up my life in recent years! Now that things are changing though it certainly makes relationship dynamics a little different where they were flawed before.

It's no longer okay to just abuse me and get away with it -I'm sad for whatever relationships can't evolve, but I'm glad to say that I'm becoming stronger in the process.

In the meantime - I'm just trying to find joy in the things that I can, and peace to deal with the rest.

For tonight, let me just say - from our house to yours... we wish you a very Merry Christmas full of peace and love.


  1. Merry Christmas, Kim! I think we Cut and Paste girls are going to have an eye opening, liberating New Year~!

  2. Here here! Happy New Year to the cut & paste clique!

    I'm glad you had such a peaceful day with John, Kim! And my wish for you is that next Christmas it will be wildly hectic with a new addition to the family! :)


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