Friday, December 26, 2008


Another wonderful day!! We started early - John woke me up in time to rush to Home Depot for their opening at 7 this morning, and within the hour we had a new Christmas tree, a new snowman for outside the front door, and a new tree skirt... very nice!

We then relaxed for a while, and did some more gift opening... today I got lots of good stuff too - but the most exciting is my new Dance Dance Revolution game for the Wii... ya'll this is WAY better than Wii Fit! It's much more fast paced, fun, and interactive. I sweat quite a bit and I'm not even through the tutorial stuff yet!

Tonight we went to the most AMAZING light display... their website is here... but my goodness ya'll, I've never seen anything like this... the lights were set to music, and it was just simply breath-taking. They've got over 100,000 lights, and it's all set up on the computer... like for instance when the music played Blue Christmas by Elvis... all the blue lights were lit... but then at other parts of the song when it sings about Christmas of White... all the white lights lit up. Just amazing. They had music from the Grinch, Polar Express, and even some Transiberian Orchestra... we stood out there for a good 45 minutes just watching. Here are some videos of things that we saw...

I'm going to upload some pictures tomorrow - because I've earned another FULL jammie day - which means that I'm not even cooking... it's pretty much a fend for yourself day, or we might throw together some spaghetti - nothing that takes more than 10 minutes.... and we're going to do our best to watch all the wonderful movies that we've gotten over the last couple of days... I'll fill you in on my thoughts about them as we get through the stack. We've got everything from Dark Knight to Horton Hears a Who... it ought to be a nice balance... after watching something intense - we'll switch to something a little lighter in theme.

John also plans on fitting in a bowl game or 20... so we'll see how my movie marathon fits into his plans... ARG! I might have to go upstairs and watch some of the lighter movies on my own... or I actually still have a couple from last year - or sometime over the last year that I haven't been able to see yet either.

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