Saturday, December 27, 2008

Movie Day

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

At about 15 minutes into the movie - I wasn't quite sure what was happening... the Area 51 stuff wasn't really a good beginning in my opinion. The jungle fight scene was a little long, and the ant stuff - well - lets just say that I covered my eyes a bit. I did think that the waterfalls were pretty funny... Overall, I have to say that it was an okay movie. I don't think that the alien stuff really follows that original archaeological format of the original movies, but it was entertaining just the same. It seems like the ending was left as if they might carry the movies forward with the son now, but only time will tell on that front.

Batman - The Dark Knight

Like everyone else, my main interest in this movie is seeing the performance of Heath Ledger - but I have enjoyed most of the other Batman movies - so I hope to enjoy it for it's cinematic thrills for other reasons as well. There were times when I felt it was dragging a little bit because the fight/actions scenes got a little bit boring to me, but it didn't disappoint... it was great Batman action with a seriously insane side. It was a little disturbing, so we're going to lighten it up with our next choice.

Horton Hears a Who

This movie just made me smile - from ear to ear... so incredibly cute! I think I might have liked it just a little more if it were done as a live action movie in the same light as the new remake of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but it is a cute animated movie too. I liked the scenes from Whoville a little better than the ones with Horton because they were a tad more creative and colorful. The scene with Horton on the bridge cracked me up... with the classical music and holding of the breath... then the little bit of dancing after he makes it across...good stuff! The vulture begging to be the bad guy made me laugh too. Great movie overall!!

Then She Found Me

I'm not entirely sure what to say about this one. It was good, and had a nice ending - but for most of the way through the movie - I didn't know what to think. It has a lot of crazy relationship dynamics happening throughout the entire story, and I just don't think one movie needs to try to tackle them all at once. They could have picked one of the four main dynamics: divorce, adoption, infertility, and finding a birth mother... and made a really rich story about one of them. It just made for a lot of strange looks between John and I as they wove them all together.

Of the movies we watched today - I'd say that the last one is my least recommended for your viewing pleasure. I'm going to venture out and say that today has been my favorite day of the holiday season because of it's lack of planning and activity. What a blessing and a gift it has been to just relax and watch movies all day... we did get a late start because we slept in later today than I can ever remember happening before.

I'm a little sad that tomorrow is my last day off for the long stretch of my vacation, but I can suffer through two days in order to be off for a few more. Hopefully I'll be off for 5 more days, but we'll have to see what happens and if they'll give me Friday off.

So tomorrow, we'll go to church for the Children's Ministry holiday program and then probably spend the rest of the day relaxing again... maybe not with a movie marathon again - but light duty just the same. Some laundry and I'd venture to say some football... but hopefully a lovely hot bath and nap too!

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