Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Doctor Visit Recap

This visit was interesting... my doctor's office was really short handed today - so the visit was a little shorter than normal. By short handed - I'm not kidding - the doctor did my vital signs during our visit, and the even brought the next patient back from the waiting room!

A rundown of the issues:

Migraine Headaches

He wasn't sure what might be causing these - well there might be one theory, but it's not confirmed in the least. He did give me some medicine (Relpax) though that I can take at night when I get the headaches. You're supposed to take the pill with a glass of water and then send yourself to bed... when you wake up the headache will be gone. I got a few samples of this, but if the headache is still hanging in there by Friday he wants me to call him back.

Vision Issues
Nothing much here - he asked when the last time was that I saw an eye doctor, and I believe it's been a year... so he wants me to go see an Ophthalmologist - he was very adamant about it being and Ophthalmologist! (Click here if you want to know the difference between an Ophthalmologist and an Optometrist) So I'll fit that in sometime in the next few months. Sooner if my vision problems don't start to ease up a little.

Blood Pressure

I don't think I'm ever going to totally get out from under this one... apparently it's a little elevated today so he's putting me back on a different medication that has a diuretic in it. He's wondering if I'm retaining fluid... now had he asked me that a week ago - I could have told him an astounding affirmative, but I lost 3 pounds of water weight over the weekend... oh the joy of being a woman! I am to check my blood pressure daily and keep a log... if it's still up on Friday morning he wants me to call him back for more instruction.

Insulin Resistance

He's happy that the shots are going well for me - we didn't make any adjustments to the dosage this month because with higher dosages come bigger side effects. The one thing he does want me to do is take it at least 30-45 minutes before eating... so in the evening - I'm going to take the shot when I begin cooking. In the mornings - I typically take it right before we leave and eat my protein bar as we back out of the driveway... I'll hold it a bit longer and eat when we get on the HOV lane or something like that.

We are continuing down the same path with this one for the time being. He increased my dosage on our last visit, and just refilled the prescription for me this time around.

He was funny about this one, he said that if I want to change them up - I should go for it. No real studying of the information I gave him or anything that I'd typically expect from him... but again it was an off day. He said that he'd like me to look at what I'm taking and make sure that none of the vitamin amounts are being decreased at all... but from there I got the all clear to change things up.

Fertility Specialist
The doctor's nurse, who I haven't really had many warm & fuzzy feelings about, doesn't seem to be working there anymore... (I'm totally speculating, but call it an educated guess at this point.) was supposed to get the referral together for me at my last visit. When I asked about it this morning, they gave me the impression that more than likely nothing was ever done with the referral... so my favorite person in the office (besides Dr. Weinstein) said that she'd take care of it for me, and she's going to call me today while they are closed for lunch - if she has time - to get the information about who I want to go see. Nothing new on this front, but it hasn't left my radar - so I'll give ya'll news as I get it.

That's about it - I go back in a month, but he doesn't want to do blood work again then either... so short of the fertility guy checking my Hemoglobin A1C level - I might not know how the shots are working for a while.

The best news of the day is that if my headache hangs on tonight - I have something I can take to hopefully rid the pain by morning. Right now, the pain is very dull and easy to deal with... I'm drinking lots of fluids and taking breaks from the computer screen when possible.


  1. Do migrains run in your family, Kim? I know they run in mine though I have thankfully never had one,but my oldest sister gets them so bad she throws up. Aren't some people just prone to them?'
    At any rate, glad you met with the doctor and got some questions answered! Now, if mine would just be answered!

  2. Wow, it sounds like even though it was a busy day, he took the time to talk with you about each of those concerns. Sounds like you have an excellent primary doc!


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