Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Take Me Away

I'm absolutely praying for some pain relief tonight... my head is absolutely trying to explode, and I can't figure out why for the life of me. I can only hope that by 9:30 in the morning my doctor can help me get some relief from all the crazy symptoms that I've been experiencing for the last week or so.

I don't think I've mentioned it before, but for a little over a week I've also been experiencing symptoms that are sort of similar to what I used to have when my blood pressure was up... sort of this immense pressure over my shoulders and neck... followed by a little dizziness, and the headaches... I know that my blood pressure is fine - so something else has to be triggering this.

Initially, I thought it was just stress at work, but unlike my last job - the symptoms and pressure don't stop when I leave the office. I thought that it might be a food problem - so I checked my blood sugar and it was normal... I ate which didn't help... and I even drank a bottle of water with a couple of Tylenol - nothing helps at all.

Anyway, enough about my crazy illness, and more sleep. I hope that tonight I can shut my brain off within the next 20 minutes and actually go to sleep... I'll be back tomorrow shortly after my doctor's appointment.


  1. Kim,

    I pray you start feeling better and find out what's causing your migranes. I know it's hard to function when your in pain.

  2. Sounds like a night for leftover Lortab from surgery or something!

    Regular tylenol pills may not work... our pouches don't have the acid to dissolve the pills,or so I've heard. Maybe liquid tylenol would do you better??

    I pray you wake up today headache-free! If not, this is what sick days or for!

  3. Anxious to hear what your doc has to say today!


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