Monday, January 5, 2009

Working on details

I hardly got any sleep last night thinking about writing the book... I've gotten an idea of where the story begins - when I was 18 getting ready to go to college is truly where the journey began. It's interesting to me that I've been fighting this for almost 13 years - long before I truly wanted to think about having children. Anyway - someday I hope you'll all read a book that takes you through this journey step by step.

Since I got no sleep, I have had a rough day... mainly because we are going through another of our crazy weather changes, and I've got a migraine that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. I've been through all the stages tonight... vision problems, nausea, tunnel vision, and sensitivity to light... I'm shortly destined to go to bed and pray that this is gone by morning.

I haven't officially figured out what my 2009 eating plan is going to look like, but I'm working on that. I ordered a cookbook the other day that has 500 low carb recipes - so hopefully I'll find some inspiration there and ways to keep our meals full of variety.

I got some inspiration for a new vitamin regimen today as well from a wonderful blogger that happens to be a pregnant post RNY'er... so I'm following her closely as I hope to be following in her footsteps shortly. I'm taking her vitamin plan to my PCP on Wednesday and see what he has to say about it. I've got some other concerns with vitamins as I just found out today that your body stores up B12 for over a year... so you can be deficient before it shows on your blood work... and I've got one of the symptoms - troubled vision. I've been having some serious issues with my vision lately - so I'm planning on talking through that as well.

I've also got to talk to him about my Byetta shots and where we go from here - I think we could max out the dose and be a little more aggressive with it, but I'll see what he has to say as well. I think it's been doing wonders for me in a number of ways, but it has certainly helped curb some of my extra eating... I just wish that the weight loss was hanging in there to show that.

I'm thinking that I've got some dehydration happening too - so we'll be working on that in the next little bit as well. So lots of things that I'm working on improving...

I got my new iFit card in the mail today - so as soon as this headache goes away - I'll be hitting the treadmill to Jillian Michaels workouts... it's a series where you workout 3 days a week for 8 weeks... I'll try to get in some more workouts on other days as I'd like to put in more than 3 days a week, but we'll see how it goes.

I hope you are all going strong on your New Years goals... I feel a little behind as I wasn't truly prepared for starting right away... but I'll do my best to catch up by Monday. I just need some time to plan my menu and do the shopping... so that only healthy, low carb choices are in the house!


  1. Who's the blogger with the vitamin regiment? I'm interested!

  2. I coming of the belief that the bariatric specific vitamins might be the way to go. At first I thought "a vitamin is a vitamin", but vendors like Bariatric Advantage create vitamins of higher volume and more easily digestible. I don't know... still trying to determine the validity of that.

    How else is the Byetta helping you? You're not seeing movement on the weight loss?

    I love Jillian Michaels. I swear I would do anything to get on Biggest Loser and train with her... I WANT her to kick my a$$ and yell and scream at me! LOL I thought about checking out her plan. I got her book with my 24 Rewards points. I had her WiiFit game on pre-order, but it got bad reviews. Will have to look further into it.

    Hang in there... you know there's a path already set for you, and it time things will clear and you will find your way. I feel your frustration, but try to be patient. GOOD things come to those who wait.


  3. You're starting off your 2009 with a lot going on! Just chip away at your goals a little at a time so you don't get overwhelmed trying to do too much too fast! I think it's wonderful that you're committed to your weight loss and exercise. Stick with it! It hurts at first, but gets better the longer you keep with it!


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