Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Have any of you had the pleasure of watching the new commercials on television by the corn growers of America explaining that high fructose corn syrup is actually not as bad as it has been made out?

Isn't it amazing? It's not a good thing that so much of our food is made from things that we can't even pronounce, but also that our food is packed full of sugar these days. So while I'm not exactly a fan of high fructose corn syrup... I don't think it's entirely to blame for the problems our nation is facing with obesity either.

It's just interesting that they feel the need to spend millions to try to win back the American people.

Can the Splenda people get on television and explain to my sister that the little yellow packets are not "packets of death?!" Or better yet, the Splenda people and the Sweet N Low people get together and put out that commercial... because I'm SURE that it will change her mind.

How would ya'll like to hang out with my sister?? HA! No, I'm only kidding - but we don't see eye to eye on all things relating to food. Then again, we have different issues that we are battling... my issues revolve around insulin problems and hers are more along the lines of allergies.

Have I ever told you guys how fun/entertaining it is to cook for that side of my family? Seriously... to make a salad takes around 6 bowls with each salad ingredient being separate. I haven't given in to this one... I had to pick out the stuff I wouldn't eat for years... I see it more as a right of passage for the kids.

The once you get past the salad... we've got diabetics, vegetarians, low-sodium peeps, low-carb peeps, organic eaters, weight loss surgery... what else?? Oh seriously, isn't that enough?! It's a riot! Somehow though we all can come together over our love of sugar cookies. HA!