Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Products & Challenges

A few weeks ago, I read about a new protein drink that Melting Mama was reviewing for the first time. It's a new product out by Isopure called Isopure Plus, and for each bottle there is 15g of protein. It's a nice little boost in a 60 calorie beverage. It also has added vitamins as well. Now all of that being said, the taste was pretty good. I tried the Alpine Punch flavor - which Melting Mama hit on the head - it's sort of like watered down Hawaiian Punch. The only problem I had was that the smell was a little overwhelming.

That being said - it overall was great... I just tend to be sensitive to ingesting things that I don't like smelling.

I bought both flavors, Grape and Alpine Punch from Bariatric Eating - 6 bottles for $12.99. It seems high, but protein enriched foods are always higher priced...

Today, Renee found the 50 Million Pound Challenge for the two of us to join with our husbands and her Aunt. I signed up, and the cool thing is that you get a nifty pedometer and stuff via a visit with a State Farm agent. Now, in my sick little head - this tickles me because State Farm can't beat my insurance prices by a long shot... but I love to watch them try.

So - all of this being said - I'm about to get back to being serious about all of this weight loss business. My friend, Donna, also has contacted me as she's about ready to sell her BodyBugg which could be a really good tool for me to test out, and use to figure what the issue is that keeps me from truly losing the weight I want to lose.

Now if only I could get my dizzy spells and nausea to cooperate so I can get in a workout!


  1. I was interested in the BodyBugg when Donna originally posted about it--I wonder why she's letting it go? Seems like you could get a lot of useful info from it!

    I LIVED on Isopure drinks my first month after surgery... the taste is okay, but do these smaller ones have those weird floaty protein coagulations? Gack.

  2. Hawaiian punch is SO gross...blech!

    ps-you're going to have to ride me about that 50millionpound thing...I was all hopped up on coffee when I thought it was a good idea, but right now sitting on my butt sounds like a much better one.

  3. Is the BodyBugg the thing they use on The Biggest Loser? That thing that straps to their arm and tells them everything? I think they are really expensive as I looked at them on their site, but then again, maybe I am thinking of something totally different!


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