Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Little Engine

I'm trying to take the Little Engine that Could approach to this whole health thing... and keep saying "I think I can... I think I can..." (if you loved this book, you'll know what I mean here)

I'm trying to step back and take it one day at a time. I feel slightly better today, but my blood pressure is higher - so I'm not sure how long Dr. W will let this experiment go on... maybe it's just a crazy fluctuation being the first day off the medicine - who knows?

I've charted the readings I've gotten so far - which means it's pretty much a waiting game for me to fax everything in on Friday and see what he comes back with. I have a feeling that Kim might be back on some blood pressure medicine by then, but we'll pray that it doesn't happen.

I'm not exactly praying because it's a horrible thing to be on medication for blood pressure, because certainly its not... I just sort of hoped that at some point through this process of weight loss surgery that I'd be one of those success stories that could say that I've come off of all my medications.

So far that isn't the case, but the journey isn't over... I know that. I just need for everything to come together and give me the best opportunity possible to keep this train moving forward... and right now - we've sort of run off the tracks for a while.

I'll try to write some more tonight when I get home and relax, and will try to come up with a more interesting topic. :-)

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  1. Soon it will be "i thought i could... i thought i could..." :)


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