Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a day

I'm going to give it to you straight here - in chronological order - but just know this has been one WEIRD day!

I started off the day by killing some time before my doctor's appointment - I got some breakfast and was driving through my old neighborhood in Houston... Memorial. This is known as one of the wealthier areas of town, and in a lot of cases there are very large old homes... next door to places where the homes have been torn down to be rebuilt. So today, I'm driving along and I look over to see one of these situations where a home is being rebuilt.

Now, I know from the building of my own home that there is always a port-o-potty on the construction site... BUT only in Memorial do you find the construction site port-o-potty with a gazebo built around it so that it doesn't mess with the aesthetics of the neighborhood. I laughed out loud and immediately called John... another moment when I realized that I really need to carry a camera with me at ALL times.

I got to my doctor's office, which started off normal... the usual... they took my vital signs. Then a few minutes later, the nurse came back in and had me lay on the table so she could take my blood pressure again. My reading went up. Then we waited a minute or two, and she had me stand up while she took my pressure again. This time it drastically went down. To which she was puzzled... apparently this isn't the normal reaction - go figure!

Dr. W came in a few minutes later, and we talked about my symptoms a bit. We talked about everything that has been going on since I was in the hospital, and he did a quick neurological exam. We also talked about the possibility of an inner ear problem causing all of this.

We decided for me to stop taking my blood pressure medicine for two weeks, and take my blood pressure at random times every day at least twice. I am to write it down and also how I'm physically feeling at the time of the reading... then fax the readings to him every Friday morning. I am also planning on including some blood sugar readings as well so that he'll have a complete picture of all the things I can measure when I'm not feeling well. If my symptoms go away - then we'll be just fine... but if they don't he's concerned that it might be one of the said inner ear problems or it could be a form of an internal seizure disorder beginning to show itself.

After the appointment - I headed to the office. I got to work for all of about 30 minutes before our CEO came by and forced me into the conference room to watch the ceremony for Obama. Yes, I could have made a stand but I just honestly was so blind-sided by the way this went down... I didn't even fully understand it until much later. My real issue with this is that in the same country that we're allowed to vote for the president - having the right to choose... I was not afforded the same choice in whether or not I wanted to watch the inaugural ceremonies live.

I spent over an hour watching the ceremony, standing out in every way because I was the only one that stayed quiet and just watched. Everyone else in the room was crying, and cheering... and all while I was having my own emotions about the day - because my favorite president and hero was leaving office, and not a single person gave him the respect he deserves. Support him or not - he has held the highest office in our country through some very turbulent times, and that deserves some gratitude and respect. Just in the same way that Clinton deserved it when he left office, and every other president in our history.

On we go with the day once the initial portion of the inauguration was over, we went back to work. We are currently in the middle of our annual audit, and the pressure is pretty high right now for me and my coworkers in accounting. One thing I've learned though is that there is always a lot of pressure about everything in our office. The Vice President over my department is exacting and relentless in her expectations.

This afternoon, my direct boss and I had some heated words about some projects, nothing bad... but she was already mad about another situation and I just caught some of the brunt but in an odd twist of fate - she started crying. Any of you that know me really well know that I'm a crier, and usually it's me that cries in the workplace - no matter how much I try to not cry - I can't seem to stop it in some instances. So I felt completely weird being on the other side of this situation... what do you say to your boss when she's crying? I mean we all know to comfort the person if the situation warrants that - like a tragedy or something, but when she's just crying out of stress... what do you say? The words "it'll be okay" just don't sound profound enough.

All of this has made for one exhausting day. Not to mention the need to break out the mygrastick in order to combat a very big headache. In 20 minutes - I have a date with my pillow.