Monday, January 12, 2009

Still Here

Oh the slap in the face Monday morning was to me... time to pick myself up and try to move forward.

I still have the occasional dizzy spell, nauseous moment... but the one thing I really can't shake is the feeling of total exhaustion. I just emailed John - because I have to deliver a training (I'm training grown adults on how to use a form...seriously!) in a little while, and I feel like someone should yell down the hall... "Dead Woman Training!" You know, like "Dead Man Walking!"

Sorry - that's about all the humor I can find right now.

This morning, I watched my little Boston Terrier, Missy climb into her kennel - she tends to spend her days there while we're working. Somehow she feels like it's her den, and that she's safer in there when she can't be touching me.... and I totally got that same feeling.

Like everything is okay when I'm at home - I'm free to recover slowly and take care of myself... but the moment you walk out that door into the cold crazy world... it's a completely different story. If there ever was a bigger reminder than going back to work - I don't know what that would be.

I guess I am just too sensitive, but is it weird that not one person here asked me how I was feeling? I don't expect much, but at least act like you care a little... it's not like I'd launch into the whole story - you know the one... the one I wrote for your reading pleasure over the weekend.

Apparently, I lost a day yesterday - but I just didn't have a post in me... and well then I got sidetracked by the new season of 24. Anyone out there watch? Somehow that show keeps me all keyed up for hours - I wish they played it at like 6, and then some slower more relaxing shows before bed... just so I could go to sleep without feeling like my heart is racing! It's been so long since it was on - I almost forgot the premise... then I had to laugh at myself. Can you imagine having a day like that?!


  1. I only watched the first season of 24, but I know what you mean... like the LONGEST DAY EVER! I really hope you get to feeling 100% very, very soon! And I'd be happy to come by your office and do some NICENESS training for your coworkers! :)

  2. Big offices especially tend to forget things like courtesy. I remember that all too well!


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