Monday, January 26, 2009

Where Did It Go?

How is it that the fastest 48 hours of the entire week are Saturday and Sunday? It sort of seems like a sick joke... just when I get started resting - it's time to go back to work again. ARG! Even when you take vacation time - it's like any time that is your own is going in a fast forward speed - and it seems like half the time. Isn't it funny how you make all sorts of plans for your time off too, and how much of that do you actually get done?

At least today went well - I had to give another training, and while it was a little weird that my boss and Vice President came in to give the training "context"... at the very least - we should start seeing some results from the work in the next few days or so. Which means that 8 people will start giving me data to enter into my database so that it will finally begin to grow... apparently I've been charged with not only restructuring our data, but also taking the database from 10,000 records to 150,000 records... whew! They certainly dream big!

One step at a time though, it'll get there - it is just overwhelming to think of all the things they want me to accomplish... so I have to just take baby steps. The one good thing my Vice President does for me is stop me when I start getting freaked out - she just looks at me and says - stay with me... we're right here on letter A... we'll get to Z, but we've got to perfect what we're doing over here at A first. I guess she's worked with people like me before - people that get so caught up in trying to get the big picture together - they lose sight of the small everyday progress that goes into the overall project because they are so busy stressing about everything else.

I had so many other things I wanted to get done today, but I did the most important - I started my Bible reading... and kept my head above water at the office. Tomorrow is another day, right? I hopefully will have a little more time to do the things that I typically would do - like read all the blogs that I love so much!

I only had enough time this evening to catch up on one blog and that's only because I have to know the specifics of how to pray for baby Harper... and guess what you guys... she opened her eyes today! She's just over 10 days old - or so and they are just now able to wake her up... so her beautiful parents were able to see their baby awake today for the first time. God has been so good to them throughout this process, and Kelly even said in her latest post that their story has brought 3 more people to salvation today... for a total of 4 people that have found Jesus because of the story of their lives over the past 10 days. Simply amazing!

For now friends, I'm going to relax for the rest of the evening with that good news and with my dogs cuddled up around me... is there anything better than being at home with your husband, cuddled up on the couch with the dogs? HA! The laptop is making the little dog, Missy, hot - so I guess I must sign off now... she's giving me the evil eye.

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  1. So glad Baby Harper is doing better! She is on our church prayer list and will remain there until she is out of danger!


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