Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Allergic to Myself

I don't know if I've mentioned on this blog before that I'm allergic to salt water... well... it's reached a new level of ridiculous! Ya'll, I'm allergic to my own sweat! I broke out in the same hives (only smaller) after my workout tonight. I did level 8 on the iFit, and it was tough. It was a great workout though - it really maximized my calorie burn, and challenged me. I am loving being able to step up to the next level AND keep myself on the treadmill.

Honesty... who ever heard of such a thing? How am I ever going to become a marathon runner (pshaw!) if I can't deal with my own sweat?!

You may have to click on these to really see... but here are my arms after the workout - imagine it all up my back, stomach, legs... and neck... lovely, huh? And incredibly itchy!

Don't forget Q&A Wednesday is tomorrow - send me your questions and I'll answer them tomorrow.


  1. Here are some questions...
    How come you gave up on Wii Fit?

    Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?

    If you had a $100 to blow, where would you go?

  2. That is the strangest thing! Hopefully it will go away soon. Are you sure it isn't from something else?

  3. In your quest for losing weight and working out, do you measure yourself weekly? I know when I used to work out regularly inches were more important than weight loss. Muscles weigh more than fat, and, as you work out you gain more muscle weight. Just a thought.
    mama jean


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