Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gift of Song

I've mentioned it before, but my husband has a real gift with music. He is a talented singer, and plays several different instruments well: acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, saxophone... and pretty much anything else he picks up.

He hasn't been formally trained in anything other than probably the saxophone - so everything else he's learned by ear... amazing, right?

He was off yesterday for some doctors appointments for his surgery - tomorrow too for that matter - but this gave him the afternoon to cook up a special surprise for me in honor of our anniversary.

I went to get ready for bed last night and when I came out to get in bed - I noticed a computer glow from the living room... there he was sitting on the couch with his guitar... I just looked at him funny because when I went to get ready for bed - he was right behind me... I asked him if he was coming to bed, and he said - yes, right after I play you this song...

He learned a song and played it for me... he changed the words slightly to suit us, but you'll have to listen through to the very end to understand how it fit...

Dierks Bentley - M...
It was a very sweet way to end the night - I'm a very lucky lady... hopefully sometime soon - I can capture some of HIM singing... I'll start dropping hints on that today!


  1. That is so sweet! And how thoughtful of him to plan it out, even changing some of the words.


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