Friday, February 27, 2009

The Breakup

It's official, my friends... I'm ending a relationship that has gotten out of hand. It's time for me to cut my losses and let this friend go - because our time together has become unhealthy. I'm sad to see it end, but at the same time - I know that it is the best thing for me.

I'll miss you Starbucks, but it's time for me to figure out something else to fill my need for a yummy warm beverage in the morning.

I'm thinking of switching to sugar free international coffee mixes for a little while, and eventually over to hot tea. I'm not able to drink hot tea now, but maybe I can teach myself. I know it's time to do something - because the caffeine isn't good for me anyway... and eventually I'd have to quit it for other reasons - so lets just be proactive.

We've had our last date together - and maybe when I've learned to drink other options - we'll meet again for some yummy hot tea.


  1. Why no tea? Do you not like it? If it's about the aftertaste, I completely understand. Cheap teas lend themselves to that bitter yucky taste after the tea is gone. I've found that fresh tea that you buy in bulk and steep via teaball is MUCH yummier. There's lots of blends, some very mild (like jasmine) and others more flavorful (that truly don't need a thing added, even sugar) like cinnamon orange spice. If & when you graduate to tea, check out Teavana (if you have them in your malls down there) or online. They have so much stuff, it's crazy! A little pricey, but good. I personally go to a little shop in a quaint little downtown area where I live and buy in 1/4 lb. bags.

  2. I love coffee (but I am too cheap to buy Starbucks except for the occasional splurge). I also love tea.

    So when you get your coffee are you wanting the sweet or the creamy? There is a tea beverage called the London Fog that you might like Happy Geek posted a recipe here.

    Is it that you find tea bitter or bland? A good English Breakfast has alot of flavor but green teas are very mild.

    And then there are the herbal teas. Celestial seasoning has an amazing peppermint tea and I also like their "Tension Tamer" tea.

    I have a bit of a tea collection.
    Ok, I will shut up now.


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