Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cool Feeling

I know - it's question and answer Wednesday, but I've got to get some work done before I can finish posting my answers... so hang in there - I promise to work on it when I can and get it up as early as possible.

In the meantime - you know what is a really cool feeling?? Being in the ladies room, and having someone come into the stall next to you and toss their cookies... LOVELY way to start the day, right?!

Oh goodness...

I will update the accountability box later this morning too, but you won't see a change in the workout number for today... I needed a little extra time hanging out with my husband last night - so I gave myself a pass, and I'll pick back up and workout Thursday night instead of taking it off. Since our small group hasn't started - I have the freedom to do that right now... but when I up the number to 5 and have all of that going on - it won't be an option.

Anyway - off to get a little work done, but I'll be back as soon as I can...

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  1. Okay, this is TMI, but I'm all about honesty. I, at times, have the mentality of a five year old apparently, because when I am in a public bathroom and someone is having issue....I totally have to hold in the giggles. Maybe it comes from living with all men!


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