Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Question/Answer Wednesday

Round two brought on some great questions!! Pull up a chair - grab a snack or a cup of coffee - and check out these answers...

JLI asked:

When were you saved and what was your salvation experience?

My salvation experience was a long time in the making, my Dad worked on me for a number of years... but it wasn't until 2006 that it finally all clicked for me. John and I were having some problems in early 2006 and actually he moved out for about a week during that time. It seemed like an eternity, but that's not the point of this question. In the process of trying to save our marriage, we realized that we were going about things all wrong - so during the week that he was gone, I sought out people that I knew who were active in their relationships with Christ - and I realized that without him in our marriage - we wouldn't make it. So at the end of that week, John and I started going to church together, and I prayed that Sunday for Christ to come into my heart and help me be a better person both in and outside of my marriage. I can't even begin to put into words the difference it has made for us!

What are your overall goals by working out 5 times a week? Maybe if we know that, it will help us to follow your progress and suggest things that might help you reach the goals within the goal?

My goals for working out are vast, but first and foremost I want to make my body as healthy as possible. I am still working on losing quite a bit of weight, and exercise will help with that as well, but I'm trying to focus on more than that. I want to get in shape and get the most out of my body - not to mention I want to be able to be as healthy as possible as a mother both for the pregnancy but also for my children later on... my habits will ultimately shape theirs, and I need to make sure that I am providing a healthy example as much as possible.

Jenn asked:

How did you meet John?

Our story is actually totally a God thing... I firmly believe that. When I went away to college - I went to the University of Alabama, and was still dating my high school sweetheart while he was back here. I moved home at the end of the first semester and he broke up with me the day I got home because he'd gotten another girl pregnant. (Nice, huh?) Anyway, I moved to College Station in January of 2007 and was iced in the first few days after moving - so I spent a lot of time on America Online chatting. Well, John was living in Louisiana at the time and we chatted during that time - and I really liked talking to him. He convinced me to send him a picture of myself in the mail, and upon further review - I made a bad choice there... I sent him a picture that I liked of myself, but it happened to be a couple of years old. So John thought I was too young and stopped talking to me.

About a year later, we met up again on America Online and chatted some more... this time we were both dating other people, but we did manage to talk on the phone this time around. I was in an abusive relationship and John tried to talk me in to leaving that for a healthier relationship. I wasn't ready to hear that at the time, so we parted ways again.

Another year goes by, and yet again we cross paths on America Online - this time we were both outside of relationships. (well, I was in a loosely defined relationship...but it wasn't working) We chatted this time for a couple of weeks, and made a date for us to meet in person. By the time that date came around we'd already told each other that we loved each other...

As a bonus - the night before our first date - I was outside with Maggie (my yellow lab) and I got bitten by a mosquito on my eyelid! The eyelid became REALLY swollen, and I spent the entire next day taking as much Benadryl as my body could handle and dabbing extra Benadryl cream on my eye too... but it was still swollen by the time John got there. (I did try to cancel because of my eye... but he wouldn't hear of it.) He loved me regardless of my elephant-eye... which is what my best friend at the time called it.

What led you to FOH?

We came to Fellowship of Houston (for my longtime readers - this was our previous church) right after my salvation moment, and in the wake of our marriage trouble. FOH was our first church home, which made the merger all that much more traumatic for me - but in the end - things happen just the way God intends them to.

We basically started looking for a church home right after John moved back home. We tried Community of Faith for a week and really didn't like it, so FOH was the second place we tried... I instantly fell in love with the church and we never left. There are times that I still miss it, but honestly it's more about missing certain people or aspects... because God has led us to another perfect church for us. It's different, but it's just what we need in this season of our lives.

What qualities do you admire in girlfriends?

Wow, there are so many things... I really look up to my friends that have a good Christian walk - not that they're perfect by any means, but that is something I desire and want to grow within myself... so I am drawn to learning from people that I can see it in their daily lives.

I am drawn to friends that are good mothers - I love watching my friends interact with their children - even though at times it's painful... it's a beautiful thing to see.

Other things are honesty, sincerity, love, and compassion... I really deeply care about the lives of my friends, and I really admire the ones that have that same quality in themselves.

When did you know you were truly a writer?

I still sometimes question that, but I guess it was when my parents started telling me that I really had a gift with the written word. Also when I noticed that my teachers paid special attention to that portion of my school work. When I was a young kid, I did a lot of writing, and really enjoyed it. As a teenager, I actually wrote my autobiography... or at least up until the point that I started and went away to college. Some of that writing is really raw and beautiful... but I don't know if I have it in me to make a career out of it. I'd love that, but I just don't know that I have the great American novel floating around in my brain.

Why are you afraid to put yourself out there when you have so much to offer?

You know, this is an interesting question. I think part of it is self preservation because if you don't put yourself out there - you don't get hurt as often. Another part is fear, but in addition to that - most of you wouldn't know because of the crazy openness that I put out on this blog, but I really am extremely shy and intimidated in social settings. I literally can't hold a verbal conversation very well - it's strange - my mind goes blank and I can't string two words together - even if my life depended on it. I find that happens at work, with some family members, and even with friends... and if you want to talk about something more than small talk - forget it... because I lose all brain function.

So I sometimes find it easier to just hang back and stay where I am.

Staci asked:

If you didn't want to be a teacher what would be your next career choice?

The natural answer here is a mother, but I don't think that's what you're looking for. I think probably a child psychologist or if I could emotionally handle it - I'd love to work for Children's Protective Services. John and I both know that I couldn't do it, and I'd totally have to beat up some big guy and take his kids... and then I'd want to bring all of them home with me... so it's probably best that I NOT go there. I also thought at one time about working with the licencing people for childcare centers - so I could make sure that kids are in safe environments.

I always loved child development - and short of the medical field... those are the next choices that I have considered over the years.

Who has some more questions for me? I'll be back next week to answer them...


  1. Wow, I feel like I learned so much about you this week!!

    I would have NEVER guessed you and John ever had marriage trouble--not in a million years.

    I also thought you have been a Christian for forever--not just since 2006! Seriously, I've had it all wrong!

    And I'm just going to throw this out there because I'm passionate about it, but do you guys have a Guardian Ad Litem program in Houston? That's one way to advocate for kids while you're waiting to be a mommy! And you don't have to take them home--they're already placed with people!

  2. I love this Q&A thing! Would you mind if I used it for my blog as I struggle with content some days?

    Okay, I'll ask a question. I always have a curiosity about people and relationships, but I also don't want to pry too deeply with things you may not want to talk about. When you and John were having your problems, had he found his salvation? I ask because religious differences in a relationship can be a serious source of contention as The Brit and I walked down that path early on!

  3. Look...I have some questions for you!!

    Ok, we all know that we girls had a little mental dating checklist when we were younger…What’s one quality your husband has that is so much better than anything on your checklist that it blows your mind and what’s one thing you thought you wanted, but are glad you didn’t get?

    If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would you do?


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