Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daily Meals & Snacks

The other Kim asked us Cut & Paste girls (weight loss surgery girls to anyone new to the blog) to post something about this - so I'm going to do it... although lets all remember that my diet is a work in progress while waiting for John's surgery on March 5th.

A typical-ish day:

6:15: South Beach High Protein Cereal bar - peanut butter flavor

9:00: Breakstones Cottage Cheese Doubles - peach flavor

12:00: meal made and prefrozen - these have become to reliant on pasta and rice, so I'm working toward getting back to the "rules" and eating more stirfrys or something higher in protein lower in carbs. What carbs I do allow myself - I'm going to make sure that they are complex carbs or really mostly whole grains. (usually about 3/4 cup of food total - it might be a little less)

2:00: another meal made and prefrozen - a lot of times this will be a soup that I made and froze into portioned containers for myself... it takes the guess work out of everything to freeze my food in individual portions. (usually about 3/4 cup of food total - it might be a little less)

4:00: South Beach High Protein Cereal bar - peanut butter flavor

7:00: Dinner - this too has become to carb heavy - but that is about to change BIG time... I'm trying to start weaning myself off in the weeks before John's surgery, but it will become more focused on protein and whole grains... but I'm going to focus on getting back to filling up on protein before I even eat anything else on the plate... that way - I know I've gotten the meat in first and if I fill up before I finish - I have no worries about it.

I also think this is the meal that my portion controlling is at its worst... so I need to get back to the 2-4 ounces of meat and make sure to fill up on that before having a few bites of anything else.

Snacking - I tend to do this more on the weekends and right when we get home from work - we've had too many crackers and things of that nature in the house, and I hate throwing stuff away - so I've been finishing it up and that's it - I'm not buying anymore.

I did hear about some goldfish minis though today where like 89 of them is one serving... so if I HAD to have a snack - I could get some of those and force myself to eat one at a time... it would take a long time, and I'd probably only eat half of them anyway.

I wish that snacking and the whole emotional part of eating was addressed with the surgery, but it's not and that's the hardest part!

Water - I am now getting that consistently too - I buy the 20 ounce bottles of water from WalMart and drink at least 3 of them. (1 morning, 1 midday, and 1 on the way home from work) I get another 8 ounces in with my vitamins in the morning... some more with my thyroid pill at night, and if I drink something after a workout or while watching television... it's all bonus from there!


  1. Hey, have you explored quinoa? I ate it this weekend for the first time--it's like a grain that's high in fiber. It isn't bad at all.

  2. Sounds like you've got it down, my friend! Excellent job with the water!!!


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