Sunday, February 15, 2009

Benedict Arnold

I'm trying to keep my motivation and not freak out - but somehow I am up two pounds from last week... I can't even believe it, but this is my reality. I've been faithful in my workouts, and my water consumption - which were the two things that got the scale moving again last week... but this week - nothing. Wa'sup with that?

I worked out this afternoon and did workout 6 of my program - it totally kicked my butt. I managed to get through it, but seriously - I wanted to quit. The majority of the 20 minutes was spent walking at 3.3 miles per hour uphill. The incline would start at 6 for a minute, go to 7 for a minute, and then finally 8 for a minute. It rotated like that for a good 15 minutes. I'm telling you - I can't remember the last time I've ever sweat that much.

It felt good, despite the burning muscles. They were burning quite a bit before I ever got started though - our youngest niece was in my class at church today... and Miss Brooklyn took a bit of extra attention. She had a rough time being in Sunday School today - so we played... and did anything I could think of that would keep her from crying. So that meant dancing, spinning, jumping, playing horse... faking like I was going to drop her... basically using a BUNCH of muscles that I didn't even know I had. So my inner thighs were hurting before I ever even got home from church today.

Renee's daughter, L, is in my class at church too - and she didn't get any personal attention from me today... but after church I was on the floor giving Brooklyn and her sister Taylor a hug as they were leaving... and L came up and inched her way into my lap. She was so incredibly cute - she got jealous and wanted her Kim back. HA! She's used to having me to herself. I asked her what we were going to do when I have a baby - if she was going to share me... and in her perfect 2 year old voice she said "no". So there you go - L says that I can't have a baby. *wink* I think she'll get over it... but until then - for 99% of the time she has me all to herself.

So anyway, back to the burning muscles... I made sure to pick up some bananas yesterday while we were at the store - so I made myself my first peanut butter and banana sandwich ever as one of my meals today. I loved it! What a great way to get some potassium in, and have my favorite peanut butter without feeling any need for jelly. Of course it was only one slice of bread cut in half, but it was wonderful. I can't believe I've missed that my whole life. (I think I was traumatized by my sister's peanut butter and pickle habit... and a former roommate that ate peanut butter and mayonnaise - EW!)

We've had two people come look at our remaining couch and chair today - neither took it... which is good and bad: Good because we still have a place to sit, but bad because we need to get them out of here by Friday. I told John to just have Goodwill or the Salvation Army come pick them up, but he's not ready to give up just yet. We'll see what happens.

For those of you that remember - this means that our new living room will deliver - FINALLY - on Friday. We bought the stuff on December 31st - it's about time, don't you think?

Finally, it looks like I'm going to wear the dress to the luncheon as it is basically the only outfit that got any votes - I think I'm excited about it now because I can take it back to the store along with the shell and get several more tops or another pair of pants and a top.... thanks so much for all the votes!

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