Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I swear to you guys - something snapped in me overnight... the grass is greener, the sky is bluer, and I am in a total state of euphoria! I never realized how big the weight was that I was carrying worrying so much about if I could have a baby - and sure - there are still possibilities of needing some therapy, but the doctor visit just made me feel so good about it.

Knowing that I am officially healthy enough to have a baby after 7 years of working toward that goal is amazing... now we just have to figure out if my body is naturally going to cooperate - or if it's going to need a little help... but whatever it is - we'll deal with it, and who knows - this time next month - we might have a big announcement - it could come at anytime!! How exciting is that?!

I've dreamed about the day that I'd be able to share that news with family, friends, and now my loving blog readers... and I've cooked up how I want to tell a few people, but mainly I'll just be ready to shout it from the roof tops! It'll be hard to keep it from anyone, but I don't want to get ahead of myself either - so we'll see how it happens, but just know that as soon as it does - I will want to tell EVERYONE! I will try to control myself for a little while, and probably let the cat out of the bag a little at a time... :-)

Until then - we'll keep working on the workouts and the 5K... and watch for my body to hopefully drop a little more weight, and get even more and more healthy. I'm off to bed tonight with a peace I haven't felt in a long time.

God has certainly been good to us this week as all of our plans seem to be falling into place, and it is by his hands that we'll be able to achieve the goals that we have... and by his hands that we'd be able to have a healthier life with children in it.

We went to a seminar for John's surgeon tonight, and I really wish I had found him back in 2007 - but am thankful that he'll be a great doctor for John. The mandatory nutrition sessions will be beneficial to us both, and probably getting back into a support group meeting or two wouldn't hurt either. It's sort of neat to see how it is from the beginning all over again... although the statistics bring up the hurt and disappointment in John's employer again. I guess we needed to work through this the hard way to truly see it through in God's plan and in his time... and all I can say is that I'm thankful that it's happening - and praise God for providing the funding for both of us to get this done with the help of some very special people.


  1. woohooo!!! Good times over in the Hawkins household these days!!! :)

    Ooo, I can't WAIT to have to plan how I'll tell my family the big news someday. And LEE! I'll have to think of something really, really good!

  2. So happy for you both, Kim! You're both in my prayers that you will be able to conceive naturally and if not, that God will show you the plan he has, which no matter what, will be totally divine!

  3. Our God is really GREAT, isn't He?! Praise Jesus for all the wonderful things happening in your life, all of which are totally geared toward glorifying Him! I will keep you both in prayer and look forward to the day we get that exciting news from you!


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