Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Not Even Kidding

Of all the days to leave my camera at home!!

Ya'll my office is less than 10 miles from downtown Houston, and this... is in the field next to my building... (these are just some pics I could find on the internet for a little display of what it looks like)

Southwestern Trail Ride

Key Facts
• No. of years group has participated in the Downtown Rodeo Parade: 30
• Established: November 1973
• Number of Riders: 450 (Yeah that's 450 horses in the field next door!)
• Number of Wagons: 13
• Starts: Feb. 23 in Sargent, Texas
• Distance: 110 miles (They've ridden that far in the last week!)
This is the group that is camped out there right now - I saw all 13 of the wagons - It sure doesn't look like 450 horses, but I'm sure that it is. It looks very different from the second floor window - so it's hard to judge. It's very cool to see a piece of Texas History being lived out in front of your office building.
I've always laughed at the fact that at some point during day before our big Rodeo Parade - they shut down I-10 for these guys to come into town and camp for the night, but I'd never actually seen it live... it's typically done in the middle of the morning - you know - when there isn't as much traffic... but it is certainly a sight!
I seriously wish I had my camera - I'd take my "lunch break" and go get some real shots for you guys to see what we're looking at... but oh well... there's always next year for the real live shots!
How fun would it be to go yell "Howdy Partner" across the street right now?! (Yeah - I don't have it in me to be that crazy... but I'd laugh if someone else did... or maybe I'd run and hide... who knows!)

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  1. This kinda makes me want to live in the old western days, when things were more laid back. Although I don't know how we'll I'd do with those long dresses and no shower. :-)


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