Monday, February 9, 2009

New Finds

I'm laughing at these a little bit, but check out this new product designed to not only season your protein - but also help with portion control.

These customizable protein supplements look pretty cool too - you can design your own based on your tastes and needs. VERY cool, and they use all organic natural ingredients - so those of you that are into that sort of thing can be happy too.

Finally, there is now a website designed specifically for providing recipes for weight loss surgery patients - I haven't fully checked out their recipe offerings, but I thought I'd pass on the link to Pouch Friendly so that those that are interested can check it out while I am exploring too.


  1. The sheets of seasoning kinda weirds me out, but I bet they taste good!

    I thinking melting mama did the you bar thing. Pretty neat!

  2. Thanks kim! I bookmarked the recipe site to look at later at home! The word "Protein" still sends a shiver up my spine though!


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