Sunday, February 8, 2009

3 Bags

Yesterday while Renee and I were out and about - we stopped off to buy my dogs some food. This bag feeds them for a month, but more interestingly was that while we were waiting in line to check out... a kid sort of got in the way and I had to hold the bag for a while. Renee looked at the kid and said to me - it's not like you're holding a 30 pound bag of food or anything. In that moment - I realized that I've lost enough weight to fill three of these bags... I've lost enough weight that in dog food - I'd feed both of my dogs for THREE months!

I had another great workout today, and I've lost 6 pounds this week! I'd gained those plus one more over the last few weeks, but I think part of that was the adjustment of dehydration then rehydration and getting my system back in order. I've REALLY noticed a dramatic increase in my fluid consumption over the last couple of weeks with the increase in workouts - which I think has made the biggest difference in the weight loss.

The dynamic combination of the workouts and hitting my water goals every day consistently has really gotten that scale moving, and I honestly feel better than I have in MONTHS! I have noticed the spring back in my step - and I am able to function better on even one hour less sleep a night... so I've added an hour to my day, and I wake up feeling more rested than I have in a very long time.

Why is it that it is so hard for us to forget the feeling that a workout gives us? We so quickly can fall out of this routine, and that's just scary - but for right now - I'm loving the routine I'm in, and I'm going to do my best to keep it up!

I signed up to walk my first 5K today, and I am so excited - one of my goals is to run one someday, but until I can physically handle training for that... I'm going to walk one... I still think for someone that weight 318 pounds a little over a year ago - it's a HUGE accomplishment. I sent some emails out for support and have had a couple of people mention signing up to walk with me - which is really cool. I can't wait for March 7th - it's going to be a wonderful day, and a great stepping stone in this lifelong journey that I'm on to stay healthy.

I'll be back as soon as I can tomorrow to fill you in on all the exciting news from the appointments we have tomorrow.


  1. woohoo!! Go Kim!!!

    Sometimes when I'm carrying groceries into the house and I realize--omigosh, I'm holding two gallons of milk AND a gallon of orange juice all on one arm! I think to myself, "I've carried around waaaay more than that before!" :)

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss and your enthusiasm! It sounds like you're doing great! Good for you!

  3. Yay Kim! I'm proud of you for staying at it! I have prayed for your appointments today - I hope you leave feeling encouraged by what the doctors have to say...but the whole idea here is that God may receive glory by whatever means He so chooses. But from one hopeful-to-be-a-mom to another, I hope He receives glory by giving you & John a child!

  4. Hey Kim! I am considering doing the walk/run with ya! I just have to look at my schedule and go from there! :) I may try to get John to do it as well!

  5. Good for you with the working out and the weight loss!
    It is truly amazing the way working out makes us feel. If we could just remember that feeling the days we don't feel like working out, we'd always be exercising!
    I need to try to find a 5k! I so want to do that because...well, I CAN!


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