Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To Anonymous

An anonymous coward left this comment on a post of mine:

So, those of us that pay taxes and health insurance get to pay for BOTH of your weight loss surgeries.....pathetic, just pathetic. Get some backbone, some will power and get off your ass and lose the weight yourself, and yes, it IS that easy..

Allow me to take a few minutes to respond...

First of all, you are the biggest coward I've ever encountered for writing something like that and now allowing me the opportunity to respond to you directly. It shows exactly the kind of person you are...

Secondly, we are paying CASH for our surgeries - so health insurance isn't covering a dime of our medical expenses. For the record, tax dollars wouldn't cover it either - apparently you are not very knowledgeable of the way that tax dollars are spent. So, no - you won't be effected by us using your tax dollars.

Thirdly, it isn't that simple - but no one would expect you to understand that with your small minded lack of anything helpful to contribute to society anyway. You obviously don't understand the problem of obesity in America - nor do you have the education needed to understand why surgery works and just "getting off your ass" doesn't work.

The beautiful thing about losing weight is that I have become a better person and have done something about my life and issues... you clearly have not. You will always be the same hateful, ugly, despicable person that would leave such a hateful message for someone that would never dream of doing that to anyone. You, will get yours in the end - because everyone gets what they deserve and reaps what they sow...

People that live in glass houses... shouldn't cast stones. I'm sure that if you needed a lung transplant because you've smoked for 30 years... you'd expect me to pay for it... or if you have to have treatment for drug or alcohol addiction - you'd expect me to pay for that too. Since I'm asking no one to pay for anything to cover my treatment - who exactly is the bigger burden on society? Yeah - that would be you...

I will pray for you, because clearly you need some time alone with the Holy Spirit.


  1. Way to go Kim...I payed for my own surgery as well but even if my health insurance covered it...the insurance that I PAY for, it still would not be a reason or justification for anyone no matter what their circumstances are to leave such a hateful, judgemental and uneducated comment...

    Good on you and poor form on their part for their yellow bellied cowardice...


  2. I have real issues with anonymous cowards, Kim. If they feel so strongly, they should leave their name and not hide. And you're right; there are people out there who can eat anything they want and not gain weight and by eating anything they want, I mean junk. So later on in life, when their anonymous arteries are clogged, I'm sure their health insurance will be covering their heart bypass. That may not be the case with this anonymous person, but maybe they need a surgery to open their closed, judgemental mind.

  3. Kim, way to stand up for yourself! This person really needs to take a good look at themselves and figure out what, exactly, they are so angry about? If they are angry about how tax payers' money is being spent, then take it up with the people who control the spending and not on the people who making every effort to improve their life, both physically and spiritually. You, John, myself and the rest of America are paying taxes too...I can't help but wonder if it's Nadya Suleman who wrote this post? I mean, if you're going to get upset about how you tax money is being spent, why not get up in arms about a single woman "fixated" on having children, being assisted by welfare when she's a single mom who doesn't work, but instead, plans to start going back to school in the fall? Gees. I need to go pray now. This world's fallin' apart at the seams more every day.

  4. I don't know you, but I am going on the assumption that you are not a moron (since you can write a grammatically correct sentence which many high school graduates can't do).

    Going on that assumption, I would also assume that you looked at the choice of a very painful surgery (I have had a c-section and hystorectomy and would think they are comparable) or taking a walk, the walk would be the better choice.

    Since you chose the painful surgery, I would assume that you tried the walk and it didn't work.

    Seriously, it has to hurt! And then there are the dietary restrictions and health risks and so forth.

    I say all that only to point out that it is not the lazy/easy/cheap way out. Anyone who thinks so is a moron.

  5. Good for you Kim! :)
    I am proud of you for standing up for what you believe in, and sharing it with the world!


  6. All I can say it that I am disgusted that someone could be so rude and ignorant on a personal blog.

    What a great response though! I'm not sure mine would've been so diplomatic.


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