Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bath Junkie

I don't know what has come over me in recent months, but I've become a HUGE fan of soaking in the tub with bath products. The funny thing is that I'm not a huge fan of bubble bath by any stretch of the imagination... I don't know why - it the bubbles make me feel like I need to rinse off before getting out.

Anyway, my old boss gave me a Bath Ball from Bath Junkie for Christmas - and I just used it a week or so ago... AMAZING!

These are about the only pictures I could find on the internet to represent what I'm talking about. This is a small spa package sold by Bath Junkie... but in the bottom right - that is what my Bath Ball looked like.
This is what the actual ball itself looked like - except mine was orange. The scent of mine was persimmon - which wouldn't be something I'd choose for myself, but I liked it just the same.

I took the ball, dropped it in my hot tub and it fizzed away. The water turned a lovely shade of orange, and the scent was amazing... it's also good for you!

* safe for indoor spa tubs
* sweet almond oil moisturizes
* vitamins E & C nourish skin
* calming effervescent fizzing action
* mineral salts soothe sore muscles
They also have them in lots of other scents - rain, aloe vera, fresh air, honeysuckle, key lime, lavender, lemon balm, spring fling, oatmeal, and milk & honey all will be making an appearance in my bath tub in the coming months!
The cool thing about the stores is that they will make products to your specifications right there on the spot. And they make all sorts of products - not just bath things, but cleaners for the house as well. I even saw where some of the stores do parties... where you can have Girls Night Out parties or whatever - it's $25 a person... but each guest gets to make their own products and walk out with them! Very COOL!
They have stores all over the country - so I had to share this lovely find with you. I don't know how reasonably priced their products are, but they are well worth it!


  1. I love the bath balls!! My husband always buys them for me from The Ritz Carlton. How relaxing and soothing they are!!!

  2. We call them Bath Bombs in New Zealand and I also love them, although some of them I find leave a gritty resisdue.

  3. I also love Bath Junkie!

    Congrats to you on John on your weight loss!


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