Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Q&A Wednesday

Heather asked:

If you were planning a vacation where would you go? What would you do? What is at least one thing you'd have to factor in?

It's interesting you ask that because John just asked yesterday if I'd like to take a trip to Branson, Missouri next year sometime... on the way he wants to stop and see the Passion Play as well.

My biggest thing to factor in is whether or not it's something we're truly going to enjoy - vacations are expensive... and preparing for them is stressful - so typically I look for things that are going to have a big payoff... in terms of enjoyment, relaxation, or investment. We try to be smart with how we spend our money - so we don't take traveling lightly.

Lets see: my top 10 destinations would be... (not exactly in order)

  1. Washington, D.C. - I'd love to take John here and share our nations history. I've been twice, and there is so much that I think John and I would enjoy.
  2. New York, NY - One of my most favorite spots - the plays... the excitement... and I would dearly love to see Ground Zero.
  3. Orlando, FL - We originally wanted to go to Disney for our honeymoon, but realized weight was an issue... now it won't be - so bring it on!!
  4. Chicago, IL - I'm not entirely sure what it is, but I've wanted to go to Chicago for a very long time... I was scheduled to go there on September 12, 2001 - but well - we all know that didn't happen.
  5. Mackinaw Island, MI - We went there with my Dad & family in 2000 and LOVED IT. I would love to go again and spend some more time... it's a great island... and the best part is that cars aren't allowed on the island - so everything is by bike, walking, or horse-drawn carriage. Fantastically relaxing!
  6. Cape Cod - I've always thought this would be a great place to visit... I'm not a huge fan of all things seafood, but I think it's a place that I'd enjoy seeing.
  7. Las Vegas, NV - You might be thinking that I chose this spot for the gambling... but you'd be VERY wrong... I want to go see the shows, and experience the fabulous hotels...
  8. Boston, MA - I've always had a fascination with JFK - so I think it would be neat to go see his presidential library.
  9. Alaskan Cruise - I think it would be absolutely fabulous to see what the wildlife up there is like...
  10. Gaitlinburg, TN - I would love to go back to this area - really anywhere in the Smokey Mountains and share the beauty with John... I loved it up there.
Would you vacation plans/travel plans be different than they would've been pre-WLS?

Before surgery - vacations were scary... the whole flying thing would give me anxiety for weeks! Now things are different, and I can do things I never was able to before... so it's a whole world out there to explore!

JLI asked:

When is your birthday?

May 16th

Favorite childhood toy?

Wow - I don't remember a whole lot of them... but I guess my Cabbage Patch Dolls... I also remember She-Ra being a big deal for a while. I was really big into imaginary games though - I'd play school or house for hours... so if I had a chalk board or some basic "kitchen" items... I'd be good to go.

Do you still keep in contact with any of your friends from your childhood? If so, are you still close with them?

I sadly don't really have any "childhood" friends... I have friends from high school... and thank God for Facebook because I've been able to keep up with a few of them. We've all gone our separate ways though - and have our own lives... so there aren't any that I see or talk to on a regular basis. The one from back then that I would say I see the most actually lives in Norway - but when she comes home twice a year - we get together. This last trip we introduced our husbands... and had a wonderful time at dinner together.

Heather asked:

Once you reach your goal weight, will you consider having things tucked and lifted if they're less firm than you'd like?

Oh yeah! I'd say that's been in the plan since Day 1... the only thing I struggle with is the cost and when I'd do it... when am I going to feel that this journey is complete enough to have that done? I also think that I might want to wait until the child bearing is over... just so that things have the possibility of staying tucked for a while. :-)

Kim asked:

So, as I am not familiar with her workout you are doing, does it switch things up for you regularly?

It does vary what I'm doing - the intensity and speed changes every minute - and each workout is different... so to me it falls into that. I wouldn't think Jillian would put her name on it if it didn't fall into her basic principles...

So sometimes the build up is different, sometimes the incline is different - but each one is different and more challenging than the level before it. It's actually really cool... you ought to look at your Y and see if they have machines that take iFit cards - you can probably ask them... but you can buy the cards and take them to the gym. I know 24 hour Fitness has them... and the cards are made for stationary bikes, elliptical machines, and treadmills. They have different focuses as well - mine is for weight loss, but she has others like boot camp... and there are also cards that aren't Jillian as well...

That's it for this week... ask your questions to be answered next Wednesday! I'm off now to the doctor's office - so I'll follow up on any new information when I get out.


  1. I say move Orlando to number one... come hang with me and Mickey Mouse! :)

  2. I love Washington, too and would love to go back. We went in December a few years ago for about four days, and I've never walked so much in my life. We could've stayed 2 weeks and not done everything we wanted.

    I'm with you on the Cape Cod, Chicago, and Boston choices. I've never been and would love to visit.

    Everyone ought to go to Vegas at least once, and you've got to stay in one of the big hotels. It's the best city for people-watching! When we were there, I was tagging along on my husband's business trip, so while he was off doing whatever it was that he was doing, I would wander around and just watch people. It's the best free entertainment in the country.

  3. I went to Disney as a teen and thought it was fun, I wouldn't mind going back.

    I went to Washington DC on a stupid college road trip (finals weekend, rather than study, 3 of us drove 12 hours one way to walk around Washington DC for 6 hours). I would love to go back again.

    The other ones on your list, I haven't been to.

    We did go to Branson a few years ago and I loved it. I was really surprised because I thought it would be like "Hee-Haw World" or something.

  4. If you got to DC or NY, you have to let me know so we can meet up!

    Disney is unbelievably expensive anymore, though there is plenty to do in Orlando without the Magic Kingdom and the other parks (visit Meg for one!). I just can't see paying the money for some of these parks anymore and I think they have priced themselves out of many people's pocketbooks.

    The Cape is relaxing and lovely! I've had a few really delightful vacations there years ago!


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