Thursday, March 26, 2009

Paying Post

How does it sound to get paid to blog? Sounded pretty good to me!

So I went and checked out Paying and signed up - they have lots of different opportunities based on your interests, but so far it has been really easy to get signed up. This is my first post that I might be eligible to get paid for - but $10 to write something about their site... no problem!

They also do blog marketing as well - so please check that out too. I know that you will be more than thrilled.

Part of the idea is that advertisers pay for blog owners to review their products and write posts about them. Advertisers usually can pay about $5 a review - and get the word out about their product. They also have an affiliate program where if you have an advertiser sign up to have their product reviewed through your account - they will pay you $15!

Anyone wishing to sign up can go here:

Advertise on blogs

I recommend you all go check this site out - whether you need some extra cash for hobbies like me... or if you have a product/business you'd like to get some marketing going for. Either way - I think this is a great opportunity.

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  1. Thanks for this post-
    But has it occurred to you that PayingPost is known to not paying bloggers for the job posted?

    I have a ton of comments to a related post. Check it out here:

    Good luck, and hey, lovely blog btw :)


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