Thursday, March 12, 2009

Because God is Funny

I will be back later this afternoon for a real run-down on how Day One of the 5 Day Pouch Test has been... but I have to tell this story first...

How is the best way to kick off your two day liquid fast?!

By getting in the car... getting out of your neighborhood... and dumping an ENTIRE protein shake down your lap and all over the floor board of your car!

I'm not kidding - the entire thing... I took maybe two sips of it. I pulled the cup out of the drink holder, and I don't know what happened - the next thing I knew it was all over both my legs, the floor board, and the console. NICE!

Oh God, you're a funny funny guy... because in that moment - all I could do was turn around, shake my head and laugh...

I did go home and clean the car and myself up... AND I still made it to work 10 minutes before I was due to be here. So I promptly filled that time by reading two days worth of my Bible in a year plan.


  1. HA! You are so disciplined! I'm lucky to make it to work 10 minutes late every day! Thankfully they are very forgiving and really, they'd have to fire the whole place because we're all offenders, although we can get away with it this time of year. At least it was something cold - I've spilled coffee in my lap more times than I care to count.

  2. haha! I did that once with a milkshake pre-op. I was having a case of the "last meal syndrome," wanted a milkshake SO BAD, and finally went to get one. As soon as I left the drive-through the styrofoam cup literally split in half and strawberry milkshake spilled all over me. Guess it wasn't meant to be! :)

  3. I think that God just knew you needed a good laugh. See . . . he knows exactly what you need!

    I'd have done the same thing!

    Now you know you're in for an amazing day!!

  4. I just saw John's ticker...40 pounds?? SERIOUSLY?!!


    am I going to recognize him the next time I see him, or are you going to have to re-introduce us??


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