Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Church Humor

I got these in an email yesterday from my father-in-law, and I thought they were just hysterical... so I'm sharing them with you - along with a little commentary where needed.

(Seems like the growth consultant doesn't get the whole point, huh?)

(I don't know where I'd sit in this church... I'm into the quiet - no response group - other than a little laughter)

(This is too funny!)

(Nice... I love how their power line is reaching over to the bigger church!)

(I'm so happy we're still just giving out bottles of water!)

(Sad, but funny...)

(HA! Our church would be doughnuts... more doughnuts... and better doughnuts!)

(Too funny!)

(Is it wrong to sit in the same seats? We do... but I certainly wouldn't freak if someone got there first...not much possibility there though since John is in the band and we get there an hour before the service starts!)

(This one is just wrong...)

(Awww - poor people... remember lady - God wants us to bring him all of our needs... even the whiny ones too!)

(I love it when Pastors are witty... ours is often funny!)

(Nonclapping for me... thanks!)

(How funny!)

(I'm not sure that men would go to any other service if there was a service with a "sports emphasis")

(I've been to churches that felt like this...)

(HA! That's hysterical! We had a service once where you could text our Pastor your questions about the merger during the service and he'd try to answer them.)

(Sinner or Morally Challenged... it's all the same, right?)

(I wonder how often this really happens...)

(This is even funnier now that we've merged churches... we're blending our younger church with one that has some older members, and our Worship Pastor is having to blend our style with some hymns too.)
These made me laugh - so I thought I'd share them with you.


  1. We have a guy at our church who makes the coffee. He gets there early and brews pots and pots of coffee (I think maybe he is an elder).

    If he is gone, the church falls apart.

    Now the pastor being gone is no big deal, there are other people to preach.

    The coffee guy being gone . . . it isn't pretty.

  2. The pew sitting one was my favorite because that is so my church! When I was a teenager, myself and Stratcatonline Laura, were sitting in a few and a little old lady came up and glared at us, informing us we were in her pew. We actually had to move!


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