Monday, March 2, 2009

Magazine Freak

I happen to be what you might call a magazine freak... I love them! Some of them are practical - some are not... but all of them bring me some fun each month.

I currently get:
Weight Watchers
Taste of Home
Cooking Light
Food Network
Real Simple
(maybe another one - but I can't remember anymore)

I used to say that People was my favorite - but the subscription was cutting too much into my fun money... HA! I also can read them for free - granted sometimes they are a month old... at the nail salon - so I'm just as happy to read the information when it's old, for free - than paying $100 a year to get it at home.

By far, my favorite is Real Simple - I absolutely adore the practical advice and helpful hints for the home. Their recipes are fantastic, and I almost always find at least one to tear out and save for a later meal planning cycle.

Oddly enough though - my absolute favorite part of the magazine is looking at their art work in between the different sections of the magazine... they basically take paper and make it into a practical picture - for instance - the cooking section might have a scene of a coffee shop on the page made completely out of paper.

I am 100% drawn to these images... it doesn't matter what they section they are for... I love to stare at them and just try to look at the different textures and things that go into making the images look so real.

Here are some examples... click on them to blow them up and enjoy like I do each month.


  1. Okay, now that's just COOL! I love stuff like that! So creative!

  2. I love those!!! Every time I see them I think how cute they are, and how I would love to use them in scrapbooking.

    Except A: I don't really scrapbook anymore, it's one of my round tuit things. (round tuit = "when I get round tuit, I will . . . ")

    and B: if I tried to do something like that . . . I doubt it would resemble the object I was trying to do.

  3. Oh look! A vacuum! Is that for me??

    I love magazines too and am fortunate that a lady in my church brings me in her People mags when she is finished with them! I get "Cooking Light" "Better Homes and Gardens" and "Health" currently. Love 'em!


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