Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 5 - 5DPT

Bleh... I'm ready for some variety back in my life... or at least varying textures in my meals! Nothing like a restrictive plan to make you crazy... and nothing like warming up chicken for your 9AM meal to make people in the office look at you like you're smoking crack.

It is extremely quiet around our office today - I guess a lot of people have taken off for Spring Break... but then there are a few of us suckers left here to carry the burden. I will try to take advantage and get my area cleaned up... because it's driving me crazy!

Yesterday brought more of the same in terms of mainly being an evening geared toward cooking, but on the bright side - all of that means that I don't have to cook a lick this week. Today I'm enjoying Sweet & Sour Pork Chops, Chicken Fajita Salads, and a Chicken Roll Up.

I wonder what next weekend will be like in terms of food preparation - especially since I will loose control of my entire day Saturday for John's Grandmother's 94th birthday party at his parent's house. Sadly, neither of us will be enjoying any of the food offerings (it's a fish fry) of the party... but since we're bringing the guest of honor to the event... we'll be there with bells on.

I'm still battling with the soreness in my shoulders, arms, and a bit in my head... so I'm not sure how the workout will go tonight, but if John goes out for his walk... I'll get myself up on the treadmill. If not, I might take one more siesta and try to get back at it tomorrow. On the bright side though, I'm not weepy today - is it possible that missing one dose of my progesterone cream could make me that emotional? Whew... sorry John - if it is true - you might be in for it!

The only irritating thing about this 5 day plan is that I've only lost a pound! I'm teetering on that even... I was solidly at having lost it, but this morning - I'd gained a few ounces. GEEZ! I can't catch a break... I thought for sure that I'd manage to lose a few more than that... and even really truly thought that it might get me to my 100 pounds lost since surgery mark... but no dice.

It's really frustrating... I won't lie. It is hard to workout, eat right, and manage to keep the motivation going when you feel like you should be losing some pounds... if I were trying to be in maintenance - I'd be alright with it, but that's not my focus right now. I'll keep plugging away and see what happens - thank goodness for another visit with the ever famous Dr. W next week. Believe me - he'll get an ear full of my normal crazy rantings about not losing enough weight. Surely at one of these visits he's got to see that I'm not crazy, right?


  1. You're NOT crazy! You're doing amazing!!!! He'll see that and soon your body will catch up with all of your efforts too. Sometimes our bodies just don't like to adjust as quickly as we want them to. You're doing GREAT! I'm sure that it'll all kick in soon! Don't give up!

  2. So you are taking progesterone cream which could make your body think that it is getting close to Auntie Flo's visit. Which is a time when most women get at least a little bloated. Maybe that is why you haven't lost very much ;-)

  3. Hang in there, you're doing great! Don't exclude stress from the equation...even a little can cause you to put on a pound or two, despite your diet. Whether you see your progress in numbers or not, the fact is you're doing great things for your body and that will serve you well in many capacities!!


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