Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Let me preface this by saying - I truly have a soft place in my heart for people with learning disabilities... and while I've never been officially diagnosed with dyslexia - I firmly believe that I have it in some mild form.

Case in point - 99% of the time, if you give me a phone number or a series of numbers to remember... I'm going to transpose them!

When I got my first full-time job in 2000 - it took a couple of weeks for John to actually be able to call me in the office because I couldn't seem to give him the correct phone number... after many different attempts.

This weekend, we were watching a movie in the living room and wanted to switch it to the bedroom television... and once again - my number dyslexia came in to play. I kept telling John it's on channel 1326... and every time he'd punch it in... it would go to some random channel because 1326 didn't exist.

Finally, I went to the television in the living room to see in fact what channel it was... and it was 1362! It's become such common place that we just laugh about it - and know that it's just one of those cute lovable things that I do...

The irony comes in when you realize that for my full time job... I deal with numbers all day long! I keep the donation records for a LARGE non-profit organization... so the potential for major mishaps is there - but it somehow only happens with telephone numbers and t.v. channels... go figure!

Does anyone else have some sort of weird issue like this?

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  1. Not when it comes to numbers, but I'm no naturally bad at anything number related, that's like a HUGE blessing. I couldn't imagine if my problems were doubled by my poor math skills along with transposing numbers all the time! Now my memory, namely short-term, is pretty much non-existent. For my husband, it's no laughing matter. He can't stand repeating himself and I feel horrible asking questions more than once.

    When it comes to numbers, I usually try to assign an easy math equation to it. Like if a phone number is 555-3407, to remember it, I'll do 3+4 equals 7. The 0 would be like there is nothing else to add in to equal 7. That helps me a lot. You'd be surprised how easy it is to create an equation to get with any sequence of numbers. Maybe that would help?


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