Monday, March 30, 2009

Train Station 2

I wasn't entirely sure that our fertility train was going to get out of the station this morning when they hit me with the financial numbers. See, when I talked to them on Friday - they told me that the ultrasounds would be covered, but the medications would not.

While on the phone with them on Friday - I was careful to ask them what the costs would be for the medications so that there wouldn't be surprises... well, guess again!

I walked in the door expecting to pay my $20 co-pay and the $50 for the medication as I was quoted... only to quickly have the receptionist burst my bubble with a sheet that had all sorts of pricing numbers on it.

We went round and round on it, but in the end after two phone calls to our insurance company... they don't cover anything - except, ironically the medication that I was told they wouldn't cover. They don't cover the injectable drugs... but pills, they do cover. (Thanks Aetna for the $19.99 that you saved me today... really... thanks!)

After my head stopped spinning, and I let myself move past having to be called in to their business manager's office (sort of like the principal's office!) - we moved forward.

I'm estimating that this first cycle will cost us about $600 - so PLEASE PRAY that this works! If it doesn't and we have to add in inseminations and "other procedures" (I'm sparing my Dad & John here) it only gets more expensive. The business manager was quick to tell me that this wasn't even an aggressive treatment - as if that makes the shock of the "sticker price" any better.

Had I known and found out this information on Friday - we would have had the weekend to prepare for it, and probably would have had some other questions prepared to ask them in terms of what happens next...

Anyway, the ultrasound this morning (those that want details - this is the procedure that was done - again - sparing my Dad from the gory details) and lets just say that torture devices may or may not have been used... they found a cyst, but it is believed that it is on the outside of my left ovary and is not the type of cyst that they worry about preventing pregnancy.

After talking with the doctor - they decided to move forward with the Clomid 50mg twice daily starting Friday - and some of the things they told me to look forward to are:
  • Dizziness
  • Light Headedness
  • Changes in Vision
  • Hot Flashes (I was told this was particularly common)
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Breast Tenderness
  • Headache (another really common one)
  • Mood Changes

Lucky for Renee she gets to go on retreat with me this weekend! Pray for us people... I like her too much for this drug to ruin our friendship! (HA!)

The other big disclaimer on the stuff from the pharmacy says that "Using this medicine may result in multiple pregnancy (twins, ect.)" - yeah - because seriously we'll all know that God has a great sense of humor if I end up having a multiple pregnancy!

So here we go - I return on the 13th for another torture session and at that point we'll see if I've responded to the drug and if the injectable medications can be used to force an ovulation.

Every prayer we can get is needed right now folks... from the bottom of my heart - I appreciate each and every one of them!


  1. Oh, don't you just love how they play all dumb until you get there, then the dollar signs start showing up? Will be praying that this works for you! Oh, and for Renee...hopefully the side affects don't go into full effect until after the Retreat!

  2. Fingers crossed for you that this is the one!!!

  3. I didnt have any problems on the Chlomid, Kim, so maybe you won't either. that was another scenario...ugh!
    Praying it works the first time!

  4. Ouch!

    That is aggravating! Praying the first try will work!

  5. I'm praying too! I'm also praying for miraculous $$ to appear!

  6. I went through fertility treatments, starting with Clomid and had to move onto injectibles... it's such a journey and I pray it ends out well for you! I recently blogged about my pregnancy and you can read it if you want.....

    Clomid gave me TERRIBLE hot flashes.... it's normal!!! But it's like the change!!!

  7. As someone who has been there and done that----with a double blessing (twins) from the BIG GUNS (IVF) I hope you get your miracle(s). Sure clomid makes you crazy, but so does the stress of trying to conceive. I wish you the best. I'm a happy mom of 4 who needed treatments for EVERY pregnancy. I have to laugh when people see me out and assume I'm a fertile Myrtle who has no idea how one gets pregnant.

    My insurance paid for most of my medication but NOT my prenatal vitamins. That is just weird. Not that I'm complaining about saving some money....


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