Thursday, March 19, 2009

Foggy Surroundings

This week, we have been experiencing some seriously thick fog in the mornings - which makes for a lovely commute to work. At least it is spring break so the traffic is lighter than usual... I can only imagine the problems if it were a normal typical Houston traffic day!

(Anyone else have the pleasure of a 2 hour drive home if it even looks like rain?!)

Okay, on with the point of what I wanted to say about the fog...

I was sitting on a ramp this morning, completely unable to see much of the car even in front of me... and it hit me.

The fog is a lot like faith, and a lot like my current situation with the infertility mess...

Life is like living in a thick fog, and the parts that we can see are so limited and small. The parts that we have control over are even smaller.

God on the other hand can see through the fog, and sees the clear landscape for everything it has to offer. When the time is right - he puts our path on the course to reach the places we need to... he makes sure that he clears the fog enough to move us in the right direction for the outcome that is necessary and right.

It is incredibly hard to live life without being able to see the big picture, but that is what faith is all about. Faith is defined as: having a strong belief without proof... the only thing about that though is that we do have proof.

There are so many occurrences in our lives that God has his hands all over - things that absolutely couldn't have worked out so perfectly if it weren't for him making it that way.

Our job, and believe me - I know - it isn't easy... is to stay the course. Live in the moments that we can see in the fog, and pray that God will guide us toward the desires of our heart - he did after all place those desires in our hearts.

The amount of peace that gives me is indescribable... I know that somehow those whole weight loss/hormone mess will get worked out, and there surely will be days that I get irritated and frustrated along the way... but I know that God is in control and when the time is right - he will lead me out of the fog and into a new part of life's road that is visible.


  1. I especially like what you said about God placing desires in our hearts. That puts things into a different perspective. Like me knowing that I was born to be a mom someday. I know that would bring God such glory and so that desire surely must have been placed in my heart BY Him, so therefore it must be a mere matter of timing. His timing.

  2. Isn't it absolutely amazing how God speaks to us? And Fog is such a GREAT analogy.

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. This is beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes.

    I wonder how often the fog is there for our protection. You know, stuff like if we knew there would be a car accident in X years. I have a feeling that knowing it all would be terrifying.


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