Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hospital Update 1

Here we are, once again on the other side! We just got to John's room - and we have llimited internet service on the televiion in his room. Pretty nifty.

He seems to be doing well - says that his pain level is at 4/10. He has his pain medicine pump, and is resting right now. He's a fairly light sleeper so every noise is a distraction.

I'm going to go home when his parents get back from lunch to let the dogs out and feed myself. Renee and L were wih me the whole time and I was so grateful to have them there for the distraction. (It is fantastic to have such wonderful people in my life!)

The doctor said that everything went well. He had a hiatal (sp?) hernia that they fixed while they were doing the sugery, but other than that it was picture perfect. I will get some pictures of the recovering patient and his guests later on this afternoon.

Keep the prayers coming for when we get him up and walking! Also for his x-rays n the morning.


  1. Yay! Glad all went well! Tough now, perhaps, but it will be so exciting and rewarding as he begins to see the benefits of this!

  2. Thanks for keeping us in the loop--I've been thinking about you guys all morning!!

  3. I am so glad to hear that it has gone well so far.

    Still praying for ya'll

  4. Glad to hear all went well! Here's to a speedy recovery!

  5. Wonderful news! Glad he did so well!


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