Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hospital Update 1

Here we are, once again on the other side! We just got to John's room - and we have llimited internet service on the televiion in his room. Pretty nifty.

He seems to be doing well - says that his pain level is at 4/10. He has his pain medicine pump, and is resting right now. He's a fairly light sleeper so every noise is a distraction.

I'm going to go home when his parents get back from lunch to let the dogs out and feed myself. Renee and L were wih me the whole time and I was so grateful to have them there for the distraction. (It is fantastic to have such wonderful people in my life!)

The doctor said that everything went well. He had a hiatal (sp?) hernia that they fixed while they were doing the sugery, but other than that it was picture perfect. I will get some pictures of the recovering patient and his guests later on this afternoon.

Keep the prayers coming for when we get him up and walking! Also for his x-rays n the morning.