Monday, March 9, 2009

John's Journey 4

He keeps going strong... although I think the liquids are wearing thin today - I accidentally kissed him after eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich... and well, I had to kiss him twice so that he could taste the peanut butter again. HA!

Our walk went much better today for him, and we took the dogs - which was fun and challenging at the same time. Our dogs must be the most out of shape animals on the planet because about half way through - I had to pick Missy up and carry her for a while.

John did great, and is currently trying to work out some air bubbles that he's feeling in his shoulder blades. I remember that all too well - it was the only discomfort that I felt during my recovery period.

He's down another pound today, and has learned how to update his own ticker - so I'll have to watch it just as you guys do to know how he's doing... at least unless I'm here when he weighs and I hear a party coming from the half bathroom. (that's where our scale is)

When we got back from the walk - I shaved Maggie, and gave both dogs a bath... they've needed it, and well... Missy hasn't moved since... here are some pictures to prove it.

Modesty is not her strong suit...

The "roll and yawn"...

And comfortable again...

This is exactly how she is at this very moment - using my leg as a pillow.

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  1. Oh you made me laugh with the peanut butter kiss! And your dog is so cute. Thanks for linking up. Better late than never!


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