Tuesday, March 10, 2009

John's Journey 5

Please keep John in your prayers today - we had a VERY rough night last night. It seems that all the fluids are leaving him with the feeling that they are stuck in his pouch and not passing through his system.

The worst part is that I had to come to to work today, and have an overwhelming guilt with that... I am such a worrier that in my mind and heart there is no other place to be than at home helping him in any way that I can, but today - I couldn't be there.

He is going to call the doctor this morning and see if there is anything he can get from them to help with moving things along.

Any prayers would be welcomed... as you all know how I feel about this man. :-)


  1. Does he have a g-tube so he can do liquids through the resected portion of the stomach? That's how I got a lot of fluids early out! of course, my surgeon made me keep the dang tube for 6 weeks which was torture! But maybe that would be easier for John than downing fluids through the pouch?

  2. How are things going now? Any news?? You let me know if you need anything, ok :)



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