Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Ok, I honestly am working on another post - but for right now I have to just tell ya'll something...

I've been out of the office now for three days, and when I left we had one of those nifty things in the ladies room that sprayed a fragrance every few minutes - you know making it smell nice in there all the time.

I walked in this morning, and was gagged by the smell of mothballs... UGH! They bought some of those old things you hang in the toilets to "keep them clean"... and I know they must have been made in 1950 - because honestly - who wants that smell to overwhelm them all the time in today's society?

Couldn't they spring for some Febreeze or something?


  1. Oh I know that smell! "Church Bathroom" I call it! :)

  2. Hee! That's funny! Every time the GHK guy comes, he puts in one that KID YOU NOT, smells just like Fruit Loops. I LOVE Fruit Loops, but I can't eat them now. It makes me think of the toilet!

  3. I would think the smell of moth balls is way (wayyy) better than the alternative, but yeah, I hate moth balls. Reminds me of my great aunt's closet. That and cedar. I don't like cedar either.


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