Wednesday, March 18, 2009

John's Journey 8

Today is less about his progress... although, I do see that his ticker went down a little again. Mine on the other hand should go up two... but WHATEVER!

Anyway, a little story about my funny husband...

Last night he set out to do his workout, even while his wife sat on the couch because she felt like crud. He did his normal walking routine, and came back to the house... this is the conversation that happened at that moment: (a rough memory version of the discussion at least)

John: "I bought a tree."

Kim: "You what?"

John: "I bought a tree."

Kim: "For where?"

John: "To replace the dead maple tree."

Kim: "Where on your walk did you find a tree?"

John: "These guys were delivering a tree to someone and he only wanted one of the two he ordered."

Kim: "How in the world would that conversation have started?"

John: "I walked on my normal route and saw them several times. I finally said, 'You are having a tough time getting rid of that tree.' To which they said, 'I'll make you a deal on it.' I talked them down from $100 to $75."

Kim: "You are the only person I know that could go out for a workout and come back having purchased a tree!"

Seriously ladies, what's the strangest thing your husband has ever come back with from a workout?!


  1. I LOVE IT!!! He sounds like such a great guy. I guess someone knew you needed a tree?

    Why aren't my workouts that productive?? :-)

  2. Ya know, the strangest thing is when he comes home and says he is pleased with his appearance. He's had low self esteem for most of his life, so to hear him be so proud of his accomplishments in working out is great, but rare. :-)


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