Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday Fun

We enjoyed some fun with John's family yesterday celebrating several family birthdays with a giant fish fry.... in which - I ate no fish, but did fall off the low-carb wagon. I'm back on my game today... but BOY was it ugly!

I thought the best way to share the party with my lovely bloggy friends is to show you some pictures... so grab a cup of tea, coffee, or your favorite beverage and enjoy!

Not exactly part of the party, but my mother in law has the most beautiful azaleas lining the side of the house... we're thinking of ripping out the plants in front of our house soon and putting in some new landscaping with azaleas being a major focal point.

The guest of honor arrives at the party and is greeted by everyone. She looks great for 93, and having just had brain surgery in September.

The cake table... oh yeah 7 cakes... I had a taste of 5 of them... I KNOW! Oh yeah - and they made homemade Butterfinger ice cream, and banana nut ice cream... and yeah - sampled those too - but at least I only had a spoonfull of them!

My beautiful sister in law, Susan... she just got her hair cut off, and I wanted to put a good picture of her up so she doesn't kill me for the one from the 5K!

Taylor is ready to enjoy some party fun!

Memaw blowing out her candles...

Aunt Aster blowing out her candles...

Little Joe blowing out his candles...

Vivien blowing out her candles...

John sings a special song to his grandmother... he sang My Wish by Rascall Flatts.

Taylor also sang a special song for Memaw... a version of Jesus Loves Me... with some other songs mixed in.

Susan and Brooklyn... she crashed out for a while... but woke up promptly to enjoy some cake.

David also sang a song for everyone...
A good time was had by all... and despite the crazy mess that happened with my eye - it was a great day.
About said eye, I don't know what happened but toward the end of the day - my eye started releasing this nasty yellow goop... and I couldn't tell if it was some sort of weird sinus problem, an allergic reaction, or pink eye.


  1. What a nice day! And MY WORD the cakes! Good grief!

  2. What beautiful strawberries! The photos were great of everyone too! I'm so glad you had a nice time. I'd be sampling the cakes too! :-)


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