Friday, March 20, 2009

One More

In which we have a little more crazy - because it's Friday after all!

One of the ladies in my department, who happens to be extremely sweet - she called me over the weekend after John's surgery just to check on him... so please realize that I truly and sincerely like this person.

Anyway, she took her kids to the Rodeo yesterday... or really the Livestock Show part where they could see all the animals and learn a little about life on the farm. Which is actually funny that in this incredibly large city we live in - people like to get back in touch with country living... they just aren't always ready for the reality that it brings along with it.

Apparently, they have a new feature at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo - so appropriately called The Birthing Center. (See where this is going?) The idea here is that they have all sorts of farm animals that have either given birth within 24 hours or are expected to give birth within the next 48 hours.

So she takes her three kids over there, and well... they see life... or the begining of it that is on video...

So her 8 year old starts asking a bunch of questions... and making the connection that this might be how he came into the world... and said co-worker isn't ready to answer those questions yet.

Amazing to me that you wouldn't at least have some sort of conversation about where babies come from at an earlier age... not that you should get too graphic... but age appropriate information is necessary, am I right? Isn't there like a whole slew of children's books geared toward that topic?

It just seems to me that it might not be the best idea to take your children to an exhibit on things that you aren't ready to talk to them about... but then again... what do I know? (Again, I'm not judging... just thinking aloud.)


  1. It's painfully obvious you do not have children.

  2. Wow, and Laura - it's painfully obvious that you don't have a sense of humor... or know me at all... if you knew anything about me - you'd know how incredibly insensitive your comment is.

  3. My poor little kid did the same thing to me this week. He was talking about chickens and said something about seeing how eggs came out. Then he asked about babies and if it was the same thing. I had no idea what to say, but I certainly wouldn't have been the one taking him to the farm to see it! I'm not even sure if I'm ok watching it all. I think he'll be ready to hear the stories before I'll be ready to tell him.

    For the record, I thought it was a fun/funny story!

  4. Ok, I really don't get Laura's point. Other than to be rude.

    It is difficult because you want to protect your children as long as you can, and keep them innocent. But at the same time, that puts them at risk.

    When she was 3 my daughter was playing with the neighbor kids (hubby was outside too) and 2 of the boys (who were 5) were trying to see her underwear. She got upset, not because of that, but because her bicycle got broken. Otherwise we would have never found out about it.

    That said, if you want to keep your kids completely ignorant of the birds and the bees, you have to avoid things like that display. It's kind-of a duh thing.

  5. Laura needs to shut it. This isn't my blog, so I don't have to be nice to her.

    My parents waited until I started asking questions...which was after I failed a "sex test" on the catholic school playground. I was not catholic but as I had gone to private Lutheran School, my parents for some reason thought private Catholic school would be similar. No offense to any catholics, but

  6. Gees, Laura. Take a little to read about the blogger. If you dare come back after leaving such a harsh comment, that is.

    I'd really like to know how your co-worker responded! :-)

  7. Anonymous Laura, quit harassing my friend on her blog. If you don't like what she has to say, then QUIT reading. You are not required to be here and quite frankly, you aren't welcome either. We may be Christians, but nowhere in the Bible does it say we need to sit back and bullied by the likes of you. If you really want to open this up for discussion, why don't you leave an email address or a way to contact you, instead of privately shredding my friend with your hurtful remarks? Get a backbone.


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