Friday, March 20, 2009

And Another One

I'm not sure how it happens... I don't go looking for it... but ya'll, Crazy just finds me. In general, I set out on my life just rocking along to the beat of my own drummer - who just so happens to be pretty plain, and BAM out of no where - crazy always finds me.

I'm on a pretty regimented time schedule with eating - because I try to space it out so that I never truly get over-full, and I keep my blood sugar as steady as possible. So, generally speaking - I'm in one of our office kitchens warming up something to eat at some point between 11:30 and 12...

There I am, happily & quietly standing by the microwave (the same one where I met Microwave Guy) waiting for some yummy soup to warm my freezing bones... and in walks this new lady. I think she's been with the company like 4 days, or that's what she said anyway.

So in my attempt to make small talk, I mention how cold it is... BIG MISTAKE, HUGE! (another movie reference...) To which she starts talking about her going through menopause right now... and the hot flashes.

She mentions that I'm too young to understand what that's like, but it's something I'll have to look forward to.

Ummm... insert the sound of birds chirping... because I got nothing...

I politely smile at her and say "okay" and will her out of the room... but she's making a cup of coffee and isn't going anywhere. Then she starts telling me about how she had to have all of her female organs removed because they thought she had cancer in 5 different areas of her body, which turns out she doesn't have. (really sad information... and I feel for her, I do.) She also informs me of how you really need your organs because they produce things that your body need... well of course they do.

At any rate - I'm still standing there wondering if time has stopped because my soup literally only needed one and a half minutes to cook, but it feels like I've been in there for an hour...

Then she says that she hopes I have a wonderful day and walks out of the kitchen...

WOW! I'm speechless... that's a lot of information to give to a stranger in the middle of the office, don't you think?


  1. OH GOODNESS! You have a HUGE "crazy magnet" on you. Don't you? Maybe that's why I like you? :-)

    I feel for you. Look at what you get to giggle about later! :-)

  2. Maybe you should learn to like your food cold.

    You know, you wonder if she was thinking "why on earth did I tell her that" or if she routinely dumps on people like that.

    Some people also have a disconnect between their mouth and their brain. My MIL is that way, she told one friend of mine her bra size on their first meeting. I asked her about a dr appointment and had to force myself not to stick my fingers in my ear.

  3. Some people are the TMI type. I tend to overshare sometimes, and I think it freaks people out sometimes.

    As hubby says it, I like to fly my "freak flag" sometimes...LOL

  4. Hahahaha... your co-worker sounds like the long-lost twin of my mother. The woman seriously has never felt too shy to hold any information back. It was really fun having her accompany me to doctor appts. when I was a teenager, let me tell you!

  5. Really, did no one get the movie reference? Why, it's Pretty Woman when she goes to visit the snooty, hig-end shop in Beverly Hills, of course!

    And your word, something tells me she hasn't gotten a lot of attention and is just looking for someone to talk to.


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