Wednesday, April 29, 2009


You guys want to know the exact moment that you realize that your decision to not get out in the flood is confirmed to be a brilliant move??

When you are driving to work the next day, and you see a car just like yours... and by that I mean it was a sedan with 4 doors (I know my knowledge of cars is astounding!)... sitting at an intersection you frequently take (for those in town - Jarvis & Huffmeister) - with flood water up over the doors!

We drove by this morning when the tow truck pulled in to get the car out, and both John and I couldn't believe it. I mean the rain water has been receding since yesterday - and it was still up over the doors of this car.

It just makes you wonder how high it was when the water was at its worst...

What happened to get this car stuck in that much water?

Is the driver alright?

I mean it's one thing to see water on the news flooding in some places up to 24' higher than normal... but it is something quite different to see it with your own eyes in a place that you've actually driven - while knowing that you went through there hours if not minutes before the flooding really got bad.

We too drove through some deep water on Monday night, but it pales in comparison to what we saw this morning.

Part of me wishes that I'd had my camera this morning to show you what we saw... but another part of me knows that pictures don't do it justice.


  1. Yes, it was quite scary yesterday. My area usually seems to get pounded, and it did get a lot of rain, but nothing compared to some other areas. Glad you were smart and stayed home! :)

  2. Wow that is crazy...I would be thinking the same things. I hope they are okay :( That is scary too! Hope you are having a good week! <3 Becky


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