Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Q&A Wednesday

Staci asked: Are you ever afraid someone from you office will read your blog or discover your facebook profile?

I honestly have never worried about it too much - I don't directly tell anyone at the office about either one, but also don't say anything on either that I wouldn't necessarily hide from them either. So, I guess if they have time to Google me... as if they'd have the interest... that is their choice. I tend to mainly focus on the important things in my life - my priorities - which sadly don't relate to my job.

I guess this doesn't answer your question at all, but my blog and writing focuses more on my personal life - infertility, weight loss surgery, spirituality... which all go into making me the person that I am - my job is just a means to provide the financial resources to be able to pursue the things that interest me.

So that ALL being said, I've never worried about it.

Joanna asked: What is your idea of fun? If given a choice to skip work for a day, how would you spend the entire day?

It's funny that you should ask that question in such a way... because I always have such big plans for my days off. I always plan to do some scrapbooking, reading, and napping... but rarely does that ever seem to happen. (except maybe the napping on occasion)

So, in a perfect world... maybe if the power was out... and I didn't get sucked into the laptop's vortex... I'd start out with a Starbucks (delivered somehow) and a good hour or two reading whatever book I'm currently reading. Right now it's Friday Night Knitting Club, but next on my list is American Wife... followed by Sue Grafton's Alphabet Series. (I bought the Alphabet Series for my Dad - as I was told it would be a great set of books for someone that loves Women's Murder Club Series)

Next, maybe a nap... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH... oh wait... sorry!

Then a afternoon of scrapbooking - I always find that it takes me longer to do a layout than I really think it does. Somehow the time passes by three times as fast when I'm in the craft room.

Although - any time that I'm away from the office - I think passes by MUCH quicker than the time I am in the office. It stinks!

From reading your blog, I see that you love to write. Do you love to read too? If you were relaxing on the beach, what book would be in your beach bag?

I guess I sort of answered that in the last answer... but really - any good book that has sucked me in... and now I'm going to have to add Knit Two and Comfort Food to my reading list... Kate Jacobs is a GREAT writer.

Sadly, however... you won't find me with a beach bag... since I'm allergic to salt water and the sun and I don't get along too well... it likes to BURN the snot out of me!

Sugar Mommy asked: My question is, (and forgive me if you've had this question already and if you've told us...I've not been good at keeping up, or remembering information *ahem*) if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Hmmmm... within the US or abroad?

Within the US... I'd say: New York City; Washington, D.C.; Gaitlinburg, TN; or Mackinac Island, MI. I've been to all four, but loved them so much - I want to go again. John hasn't been to the first three on the list - so I'd dearly love to be able to share them with him.

Abroad... I'd say: Italy; Ireland; England; and Norway. The first three, I just want to see them... and experience the culture. Norway, is not only because it would be neat to experience it... but I'd love to be able to see where my friend Nicole lives and what life is like there. The stories she tells are hysterical... so I'd love to experience how the other half lives. :-)

Heather asked: Were there any surprises once you had your surgery? If so, what surprised you?

I think the biggest surprise is that I didn't really believe them when they said that it would be hard to recognize yourself a year later. In so many ways that is true - and it's frightening at times. My personality has changed somewhat... my appearance obviously has changed... but my mind hasn't caught up with that just yet. I've talked before about how I still think and feel like I'm a 320 pound woman walking around... expecting at every turn for someone to look at me funny or say something rude about my weight - but it doesn't happen anymore...

The only time my "mind's eye" catches up and realizes that I'm not that girl anymore is when I see it in photographs... there isn't any denying what you see in a picture - but let me tell you the mind can FOR SURE jack up the image you see in a mirror... so when in doubt - take a picture... it will show you the good and the bad.

Parenthood for Me asked: What is your dream occupation?

Above all else, my dream occupation would be a stay at home mother/wife... I love nothing more than taking care of John - and I know that would only extend into a desire to take care of our children.

For the time being though - that isn't financially feasible... so... a year or so ago - I would have told you an elementary school teacher... and believe me - I'd still say that a job like that would move my cheese much farther than what I'm doing now. The only thing is that right now, I honestly would dearly love to be a writer or a book editor too... I can just see myself in some office (hopefully at my house) writing and editing books... just being lost in the words and the craft of putting them together. THAT would be glorious.

That's all we have for today... this might be the best one yet - we had questions from 5 different people today... how exciting is that?! HA! I love that this is a time when you guys can ask me things that I might not know to tell you - or might not think that you'd find interesting... it also gives me a little chance to interact with my readers - who I just happen to think are the best on the internet. :-)

If any of these questions inspires a question of your own - please feel free to ask away in the comments... I'll put up a reminder next Tuesday to give you one more shot to submit before the deadline.


  1. Thanks for answering my questions! It sounds like we'd spend a day off in a similar manner: reading, nap, quiet. Except I'd throw a spa pedicure in there! Ahhhh.....

    I also heartily agree with your fondness for Gatlinburg, TN. My husband is from there, and we LOVE to visit every year. There's tons of stuff to do for everyone - singles, couples, families, indoorsy people, outdoorsy people, etc. Dollywood is fabulous, and the Pigeon Forge outlet shopping is UNBEATABLE. Several years ago we rented a beautiful chalet high up the mountain during Christmas week. It's much more affordable than you would think, and breathtakingly beautiful...snow and all.

    Joanna :)

  2. I love this. THanks for answering my question.

  3. You could come to DC one day and I will meet you for lunch!


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