Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Focused Prayer

One of the most beautiful things that has come from being so incredibly open about our fertility struggle is the love and support that comes from the most unexpected places.

Whether it be friends from church that I'd never really been that close to... or a cousin that I haven't really kept in great contact with - short of the baby itself - the building/rediscovery of relationships has been amazing!

Shortly before I left for retreat one of my cousins, Kerry, suggested a book to me that has changed the lives of several people in her life, and well... if it has worked for all of them... it certainly couldn't hurt, right?

So, I did what any rational person would do... I made sure to have a copy of it on my retreat for those "down times" - you know the ones... the down times that never come when you're out having fun with a bunch of other ladies! Only I didn't actually have time to go get the book myself - so Renee went out and picked it up for me. (Which reminds me - I still need to pay her for it!!)

Little did I know that the book would really open my eyes to a myriad of things that I hadn't considered before. She suggested that I read Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize...

This book is an easy read - I'm a slow reader and I finished it within 24 hours... it might be classified as charismatic in some ways, but there is good stuff in the message no matter how you choose to use it.
I don't want to take away from anyone else reading it and gaining their own information - but honestly - this has changed my life in some ways. I've learned about so many scriptures dedicated to this very topic... on mothering, conception, infertility... the whole spectrum. God didn't leave any of it to chance - it just took Jackie's book to point it out to me with another set of interpretation.
Through this book, I learned the concept that God meets us where our faith level is... for some people that might be a small thing because their faith is so great - for others it might be a huge miracle because their faith level might be below average. But if you believe it, pray about it, and keep moving forward - God is going to answer your prayers. (No one promises a specific timeline on those answers.)
The concept of prayer is now different to me as well. In the book they talk about prayer for a specific gender for a baby - like say if you had 3 boys and REALLY wanted a girl... the time to pray for that and make those requests is before pregnancy... not after. It's too late after conception - it is determined already... so make those requests known to God from the beginning. (On this John just about dropped to his knees praying for a boy...)
My specific journey is less about the gender right now, and more about becoming pregnant... with a healthy baby. My prayers are for God to give us a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby and a healthy Mommy (Me) - and from there the rest is gravy...
I've been having heart to heart talks with God since reading this book - telling him that I'm praying that he'll give us a pregnancy this month... I know that it's all in his plan, but we are to tell him the desires of our heart... and believe me... this is it! If you feel so inclined... I'd love for all of my readers to throw up a prayer for us over the next few days as we prepare to find out if the Clomid cycle did it's job... and if so what happens next.
I highly recommend this book to everyone out there that is still in the midst of building their family - whether you're thinking about starting a family somewhere at a destined time (Meg), in the same battle that I am... or if you get pregnant easily, but just want to know a little more about how to be prayerful about that time of your life.
I can assure you, no matter what you want or need to gain from this book - you won't regret for one section that you took the time to read it.